Toddler Is Adorably Awful At Blowing Out Candles

by Kat George

We can't all be perfect, not even this adorable little kid who can't blow out candles. We also can't all be the most adorable thing on earth, which this kid most certainly is. The cute child in question is tiny boy celebrating his second birthday by reaching dizzying new heights of heart melting adorableness. In his pajamas with a cupcake in front of him, he implores his dad to light the candle sticking out the top of his singular cake. Which is where the trouble starts, and the extra cute begins.

His parents sing "Happy Birthday" to him and he goes through a wide range of emotions. When kids do adult emotions it's just about the cutest thing on earth, and this video is no exception. Remember the extreme anxiety you used to get when faced with blowing out candles as a child? The more candles, the more terrified you were that you wouldn't be able to blow them all out and you'd become the laughingstock of your own party, and be cursed for the year until your next birthday. It was really tough being a kid. Here are the familiar emotions this little guy goes through when faced with the task of blowing out but one birthday candle:

1. Terror

2. Excitement

3. Fearful Contemplation

4. Confusion

5. Pride

Watch the whole stupidly cute thing below:

Images: YouTube (6)