'Scream Queens' Pete Is No Stranger To TV

by Rachel Paige

Ryan Murphy's latest TV show, Scream Queen, finally premieres on Tuesday night. It looks like everything we've come to love about Murphy over these past few years, combining horror elements with comedy and a school setting. Essentially, Scream Queens appears to be some wonderful hybrid between Glee and American Horror Story. Murphy's even enlisted a few former stars from both of those shows to round out his latest cast, and that's extremely exciting, especially if you've ever wanted to see Rachel Berry face off against Madison Montgomery. However, there are a lot of new faces too, like Diego Boneta, who plays Pete Martinez on Scream Queens. Who is he, and where have you seen him before?

Depending on what other TV shows you watch in your free time, you've more than likely come across Boneta before. While he's never had a true starring role, he's popped up a handful of times all across television, and he's always stuck around for a while. With Scream Queens, this is his chance to shine as a leading man.

From the character descriptions of the show, Boneta's Pete is the love interest of Grace (Skyler Samuels), who also happens to be the editor of their college newspaper. We're of course going to learn more about Pete during Scream Queens, but what about Boneta himself?

He Was Spencer's Pre-Toby Boyfriend On Pretty Little Liars

If you can believe it, there was a time on Pretty Little Liars before Spoby, when Boneta romanced Spencer. This is all the way back in Season 1, when he played Alex, who worked at the Hastings' country club. It appears as if Boneta and Troian Bellisario have stayed friends over the years, even if we haven't seen Alex since PLL Season 1.

Had A Brief Role On 90210

Moving to a different zip code (that still contains a lot of drama), Boneta played Javier Luna during five episodes of the 90210 remake back in 2010.

He Can Sing!

This is an important one. Boneta can sing. He appeared in Rock of Ages as Drew Boley, and performed a handful of songs.

He's Released A Few Albums

Rock of Ages wasn't a one-off thing. Boneta has released a few albums, available on iTunes, and recorded the above song for the miniseries The Dovekeepers, which he also appeared in.

OK, He's Actually Huge In Latin America

It appears that Boneta has been singing far longer than he's been acting, and has toured all over Latin American before. He was part of the group RBD, and according to TV Guide, actually opened for Hilary Duff at three of her Mexico concerts in 2004.

We'll have to wait and see if Scream Queens gives Boneta a chance to sing, or if he'll only get to show off those pipes by, well, screaming.

Images: Steve Dietl/FOX; The CW