What Happens When Tomboys Wear Dresses For A Week

Femininity is an interesting concept, and BuzzFeed challenged the idea by having tomboys wear dresses for a week. All three girls in the experiment aren't used to wearing dresses, and all have more stereotypically "masculine" style, although the concept of style as belonging to either women or men is starting to become obsolete. The girls are the self-proclaimed "hardest women in dresses you will ever see," and I believe it. All of them are pretty unapologetic, decisive, and know what they like.

The main takeaway from the video is that girls can like what girls like. Whether in a dress and makeup or jeans and messy hair, it doesn't matter. Being "feminine" doesn't have to mean one, very anachronistic stereotype. Femininity comes in many shapes, sizes, and indeed, styles. The girls point out a lot of very practical and problematic realities of wearing a dress, and as someone who LOVES dresses, I feel either complaints. It's not always easy to be in a dress. The comfort of dresses seemed to be the major talking point, whether it was the comfort of wearing one or the comfort of being looked at differently in one. Here are some of the reactions the girls had to wearing dresses:

1. Pointing Out Problems Right From The Outset

2. Trying Not To Flash Everyone

3. Not Committing To A Lifestyle Change

4. Noticing A Change In Treatment By Others

5. Being True To Yourself

Watch the whole experience unfold below:

Images: YouTube (6)