Kylie Jenner Must Really Like Chinese Food

by Caitlyn Callegari

We all make bad choices when we’re young — especially, when we’re teenagers. In your teens, you tend to think you’re the epitome of maturity and responsibility, despite the incredibly impulsive and silly things you do to counteract that ideal. Celebrities aren’t immune to this line of thinking, either, no matter how “with it” they may seem. Case in point, according to TMZ, Kylie Jenner recently spent $5,000 on Chinese food.

And, no, that’s not a typical misleading headline, either. TMZ reports,

Kylie was craving Philippe Chow — the uber popular Chinese restaurant — but didn't feel like trekking 45 minutes from her Calabasas pad, especially not on Sunday Funday. So instead, she opted for take-out ... the ultra rich way. We're told KJ dropped $5k to have Philippe Chow send a private chef to feed 5-10 friends.

My first reaction to this tidbit of information, which I am assuming is similar to yours right now, was disbelief. I can hardly imagine a world where I’d do what Jenner reportedly did. And it’s not just about the money. It’s about the clear ludicrousness of the entire escapade. But, once you take a step back and realize that Jenner only turned 18 a little over a month ago, it all becomes so much clearer. She’s just a kid. A kid with a ton of money so of course she'd use some of it to buy $5,000 in Chinese food.

Here are nine other moments that will help remind you that Kylie Jenner is actually just a teenager.

1. Her Documentation Of Her High School Graduation

High school. I look at kids in college now like they're still unable to tie their shoes.

2. She Makes Up Dance Videos With Her Friends


3. And Silly Distorted Photobooth Videos, Too

She's still got that playful side to her that most adults lose in the fray of job and life pressures.

4. She's Aware Of Her "Too Mature" Persona


5. She's Still Impressed By Sweet Treats

Cereal: the food choice of those who can't yet cook.

6. She Loves Disney, Guys

Does it get more innocent than that?

7. And, Like Most Teens, She's Still Concerned About What Her Peers Think

This is perhaps the most telling piece of evidence of her youth.

8. She Still Has Toys

I mean...

9. Most Importantly, She Still Gets Reprimanded By Her Mom

She's still getting some good old guidance and discipline.

So, while it makes me slightly lightheaded thinking about spending that much on Chinese food (or anything, really), I can more easily forgive her when I realize she's a kid. With a lot of money. Who doesn't know what to do with it. And really we should keep her age in mind when we discuss her future slip ups. She's human, guys. And a young one at that.