Vicki Gunvalson's 'Real Housewives Of Orange County' Taglines Say A Lot About Her Evolution

Vicki Gunvalson is Real Housewives royalty in my eyes. She is the only original cast member still standing from the very first Housewives series, Real Housewives of Orange County. Viewers have seen Vicki navigate so many ups and downs throughout RHOC's 10 seasons on the air. We've seen her go from a happily married mother to a single mother to a grandmother and so much more in between. Every season she is up against something new and has a different mission. That's why it's interesting to look back at Vicki's Real Housewives of Orange County taglines from over the years. They really show the evolution she's gone through.

The Housewives' taglines are so pivotal in setting the tone for each new season. We hear their chosen quotes at the start of every episode and these statements become forever be associated the the cast members. That's why it is so interesting to go from season to season to see how much a Real Housewife has grown and changed. Since Vicki Gunvalson has been around the longest out of all the Real Housewives, looking at her taglines from the opening credits serves as a great timeline to track her life milestones.

Season 1 — "I Don't Want To Get Old"

When we first met Vicki, she was all about that "work hard, play harder" mentality. She was all about running her business, but still keeping things young and youthful with her partying habits. Vicki did not really have a lot of drama in Season 1, but she was always entertaining to watch.

Season 2 — "Here's To Not Being Fake!"

It made perfect sense for Vicki to have this as her second season tagline. She probably had no idea what to expect doing the first season of a reality show, and I'm sure she was pretty shocked to see the other women voice their opinions of her behind her back and during cast interviews. Vicki was just all about keeping it real and pushing forward with her personal goals.

Season 3 — "Everything's Got To Be Huge, Large, And Grand"

Vicki went all out in Season 3. From buying cars to buying vacations, she was all about spending her hard earned money. Plus, she was gaining a bit of fame at this point so her world was really opening up.

Season 4 — "I Want The Power And The Money, And I Want Them Both"

This tagline was pretty interesting given that Season 4 was when we started to see her marriage with Donn Gunvalson go down hill. I have no idea if the taglines are recorded before or after the season starts, but from the viewer's standpoint it was definitely some foreshadowing that Vicki was all about her business life and not her personal life.

Season 5 — "I Love My Family, I Love My Work, I Love My Life"

In Season 5, it seemed like Vicki was seeing the error in her ways, or at least she was trying to. She was trying to focus on her marriage and rebuilding her relationship with Donn, so it's not shocking that her tagline would make a jump from professional in one year to personal the next.

Season 6 — "I Make My Own Money, And I Make My Own Rules"

In Season 6, Vicki moved forward finalizing her divorce from Donn, so it's not shocking that she was all about being an independent woman in this tagline. No one can control Vicki Gunvalson. She is the queen.

Season 7 — "My Tank Is Full, And I'm Driving Into My Future"

Vicki realized that she didn't need a man to fill her "love tank." She was all about living on her own and moving on to a great future.

Season 8 — "I'm My Own Boss, And It's Time For A Raise"

No matter what is going on in Vicki's romantic life, she always has it together in every other area, so it makes perfect sense for her to have this tagline and try to take control of her life after everyone in the cast questioned her new boyfriend at the time.

Season 9 — "I Make My Own Rules, So Don't Expect Me To Follow Yours"

Once again Vicki wanted everyone to know that she is a total boss. She doesn't care what anyone thinks when it comes to her business, her love life, or her family. She does what she wants when she wants and no one can stop her, no matter how much hate they have.

Season 10 — "I'm the OG Of The OC, Everyone Else Is Just A Copy."

Where can Vicki go from here? Her latest tagline is her best by far. It's both catchy and true. RHOC would be nothing without Vicki Gunvalson. She has been here from the start and hasn't had a single boring moment.

After such a perfect tagline this season, I am curious to see what Vicki has to say in RHOC's inevitable Season 11. I'm sure it will be a gem as as usual.

Images: rhogif/Tumblr