Chipotle Carnitas Is Back And All Is Right

Friends, today is a good day. Not because we made it through Monday; not because it's sunny in Chicago; but because carnitas is officially back at Chipotle. I'll pause for your celebration dance, because if anything has ever been worthy of one, it's this.

All done? Excellent! Here are the details.

Do you remember the day carnitas disappeared? I don't, to be honest, because carnitas is not really my thing, but from what I understand, they are a lot of peoples' thing. And when that delicious pork option began disappearing from Chipotle menus across the country, people were distraught. Deeply, deeply distraught.

The pork drought, which ultimately resulted in a third of Chipotle locations pulling carnitas, came about after the company discovered one of its main suppliers was not in compliance with Chipotle's high standards, which require that the pigs be raised in pens with outdoor access, free of breeding, gestation, and farrowing crates. Chipotle pork is also antibiotic-free. Overall, very good job, Chipotle.

As announced in July, Chipotle's new supplier is Karro Food, a UK-based company with farms throughout Scotland and Great Britain. How do I know for certain that carnitas are really, actually, physically 100 percent back like for eating purposes?

Oh yeah, that's how.

It's worth noting that not all locations have carnitas just yet; however, you can find out exactly which Chipotle locations you can get carnitas at over at the chain's website. Happy lunching, everyone — you deserve it.

Images: chipotlemexicangrill/Instagram; Giphy