Gabrielle Union & Dwyane Wade Got Engaged, Gigantic Diamond Is Involved

Wow, it really is engagement season, isn't it? Or at least love-marriage-family season, which has both its perks and its upsets. Right now it's a perk, though, because Gabrielle Union and Dwyane Wade are officially engaged. Wade made the announcement through the now-traditional celebrity marriage announcement service twitter. The message was a succinct but classic "She said YES!!!" and was followed by an Instagram of the TRULY GIGANTIC rock that now takes up residence on Union's finger (which you can marvel at below).

Wade, 32, and Union, 41 (?!?! Woman does not age) have been together since 2009 — Union was married previously, to football player Chris Howard, from 2001 to 2006.

The Daily News is saying that shiny thing on Union's finger is 8.5 carats and cushion-cut, which...well, I know nothing about diamonds but it sounds damn good, even given the disappointment that cushion-cut does not mean it's shaped like a tiny couch. Union's tweet confirming the engagement said “Sooooo this happened ...#Yessss,” followed by the same Instagram of the ring, which if you ask me is the perfect way to introduce your iceberg-that-sank-the-Titanic engagement ring to the world.

As is customary in my imaginings of celebrity engagements/weddings, I will now commence imagining Union's Bring It On co-stars performing a congratulatory cheer for her at her wedding shower.

Image: Instagram/DwayneWade