David Beckham & Kevin Hart's H&M Ad Is Gold

There's nothing better than when funny meets sexy (see: Ryan Reynolds, Channing Tatum, and pretty much all romantic comedies.) But when it's brought by the likes of David Beckham and Kevin Hart in an H&M ad? Pure gold, people. The unlikely pair is starring in the brand's fall 2015 campaign, according to Fashionista, and as much as we love seeing Beckham strip down for H&M, this ad is killing it, too.

In the clip, the former soccer star-turned-model is shown speaking on the phone to his agent, who tells him that Hart will be shadowing him to prepare for his title role in I, Beckham: The Movie. (Side note: I would pay any dollar amount to see this film.) Hilarity ensues as Hart tries to "get it right," and Becks starts to get pretty PO'd. And, spoiler alert: he's even hot when he's acting annoyed.

Anything Hart is in slays me, so I'm pretty positive H&M couldn't have picked a funnier foil for the ever-sultry Beckham. As Fashionista points out, the two are absolute opposites, which makes the campaign that much more hysterical.

Even though the 30-second snippet will suffice for now, I can't wait for the full video to be released on Monday, Sept. 28. Till then, I'll be re-watching this...

... and taking a look back at six other times Beckham has made us laugh (bonus points for poking fun at his own sex appeal.)

A Relaxing Evening With James Corden

I'd argue that David Beckham is at his funniest when he's goofing around with the late-night talk show host. The best part? When Corden turns the pair's bubble bath into a story time... of Beckham's autobiography.

Date Night With Dad

If I were on a sushi date with Brooklyn Beckham (when he's a little older, obvs), I'd be thrilled to see David keeping an eye out.

Mr. Popular

Poor Brooklyn just can't catch a break! Beckham made a quick appearance in his son's Instagram video to remind him just how many followers he has.

This Old Pepsi Commercial

Mmm, Becks in his soccer days. The only thing that could have made this advertisement better is if he hadn't been wearing an undershirt beneath his jersey. Oh well, I'll take the arms.

David Works At Target

I would smell David's leg in a heartbeat. (This will make more sense if you watch the video.) In other news, I'm counting this as my ab workout OTD.

D & J Briefs

By far the peak of Beckham's comedy-meets-sex appeal career — again, featuring James Corden. "D & J Briefs. It's underwear for a man with a great body... and David Beckham."

Image: H&M/YouTube