The Final Two On 'BB17' Have Been Chosen

In this crazy game we like to call Big Brother, you have to go against your word. Because while some people think that "your word is everything," it's really nothing. You need to learn to betray people, especially when you're one person away from $500,000. For the final three on Big Brother, that was necessary. Steve and Vanessa, both having said they'd take the other to the final two, went head-to-head during the last HOH competition. Despite previous "promises" — yuck, that shouldn't exist in this game — Steve took Liz to the Big Brother 17 final two, evicting Vanessa and making him/her the final member of the jury. The same jury that is just minutes away from voting to award someone $500,000.

Choosing Liz as the fellow final two houseguest is probably the least surprising move of the season. Both Vanessa and Steve had decided themselves that if they won the final HOH, then Liz would come with them. Why? Because Steve didn't want to be sitting next to Vanessa, and Vanessa didn't want to be sitting next to Steve. At least next to Liz, both houseguests felt they had the better chance to win the game. And they're not wrong. While Liz has two guaranteed votes from Julia and Austin, that's probably the extent of her supporters in the jury house. Both Vanessa and Steve could have been making a $450,000 mistake by not taking Liz.

Steve said that Vanessa is probably one of the best "female players" to ever play the game — OUCH, BTW — but simply couldn't justify taking her to the final two after the amazing game she played.

With Steve as the final HOH sitting next to Liz, it seems like a pretty easy call on who will win the game. Based purely on numbers in the house, Steve seems to have more supporters than Liz does. Factoring in actual game play, Steve has played a strategic game, along with a physical game. While I'm not the one voting tonight, I think the decision is pretty clear.

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Image: CBS