Your Hillary Clinton Emojis Are Here

How could I have ever predicted the rise of the emoji? Sure, we were all rolling around in the mud with emoticons for a long time, but now the rendered emoji is king. It's the gold standard of quick, non-textual, sometimes confusing communication on social media and messaging apps alike. And now, there's a new array of emoji choices for any of you political types out there. If you've ever wanted Hillary Clinton emojis, then you're in luck! Here's the deal: A new app called HillMoji, launched by the makers of the mobile messaging platform Snaps, has been designed as a fun little salute to Clinton, allowing you to lay some crisp Hillary emojis into your texts. Assuming you're not sending a message to a far-right relative, of course.

It's a free app, available for both iOS and Android — you can get it on the Apple Store here. It's not actually affiliated with the Clinton campaign in any way, to be clear. Although she did mention it to the campaign before releasing the app, Snaps founder Vivian Rosenthal rolled out the idea as a means of supporting Clinton's potentially historic candidacy:

The Clinton campaign is not officially involved in the keyboard ... As a female tech founder who’s a supporter of Hillary, I wanted to leverage our messaging platform to support her campaign.

There's a pretty decent array of Hillary emojis to choose from. There are some of the straightforward headshots shown above, as well as some full-body, pantsuited versions. There's even one showing her wearing a "Brooklyn, NY" T-shirt, a nod to the location of her campaign headquarters.

Obviously, emojis aren't for everyone. Maybe you're not much for them. But you've got to admit that, politics and preferences aside, that these are a pretty surprisingly good effort at converting Clinton's well-recognized look into animated form. There's even one of her sunglassed-and-texting, in the style of that viral meme that cropped up years ago. And there are ones that are simple hashtag suggestions — #ICantImBusyBreakingGlassCeilings or #MadamPresident, for example (the latter seems like a safer bet to catch on, for readability alone). If you're looking for something Hillary-related to flesh out a text, you probably won't find anything much better than this.