MAC's New Models Will Make You Feel All The Feels

by Alexa Tucker

When it comes to beauty campaigns, we're all pretty used to seeing the same old, same old: flawless celebrities, porcelain skin, and a pretty big lack of diversity. But MAC's MACnificent Me fall 2015 campaign is a major exception to the rule, according to PopSugar — after holding their MACnificent Me contest last year, the cosmetics brand chose six truly, well, magnificent people to show off this season's collection.

To enter, MAC enthusiasts were required to share a photo of themselves and their 100-word mantra, says PopSugar. Four of the winners have been announced so far, and they're all unique, individual, and of course, beautiful.

My favorite thing about this campaign, though, is that it's not necessarily all about confidence. Yes, it does show that makeup can bring out your most fearless self. But having superwoman self-esteem wasn't a prerequisite — in fact, a few of the models even said that was something they've struggled with. The cosmetics company is keeping it real here by showing that not everyone is in a place where they feel 100 percent good about themselves, and that's OK. What's important is that you're honest about who you are, no matter what.

So, still working towards that whole "confidence" thing? It might take time, and that doesn't make you any less of your gorgeous self. But these four models are definitely inspiring me to work on it.

Luzmaria Vargas

"Beautiful in and out, because it's not about the size or color, it's the inside that counts."

Vargas is probably the model I relate to most from this campaign — hearing her talk about people asking her to take their picture instead of be in them absolutely broke my heart. Getting left out can totally kill your confidence, and you can tell this experience meant the world to her.

Vanessa Tyese Stewart

"With every kink and curl, I'm always gonna be the same girl."

Isn't her energy amazing? I love how Stewart conveys that being who you are means being unafraid to accept that some things just aren't for you, and that's cool. Own your individuality, girl.

Trésor Prijs

"Shine with every ray of light within you. Radiate your joy. Radiate your love, for it shows as clear as crystal on your beautiful face."

Major props to MAC for selecting a trans model for their campaign. "Coming out once as gay, and then as transgender in a very small town have been arduous tasks to say the least," Prijs told Teen Vogue. "For me, the way I survived was to find a way to make the light myself and shine as brightly as I could possibly muster."

Selena Pellegrini

"Enthusiasm to the future. Living with passion, and the idea of little bit crazy to repaint the world."

Hailing all the way from Rome, Selena Pellegrini is a 46-year-old woman with serious spunk (and the coolest lilac hair ever.) By choosing someone who's not, say, twenty something, MAC is expanding diversity in a way that many people forget about.

Can't wait the brand to reveal the fall campaign's final two models — no doubt they'll be just as show-stopping as the first four.

Image: maccosmetics/Instagram