Little Mix Empower Us All With "Grown"

What's that sound? Oh, just Little Mix, slaying everything as usual. More specifically, Little Mix debuted "Grown" at the Apple Music Festival and it was, in short, spectacular. From the beat to the lyrics to that insane choreography, the ladies aren't messing around with this one!

As is standard with many Little Mix tracks, the song celebrates the women empowering themselves. In this case, it references that kind of guy who strings you along until you learn better. However, Little Mix are all "grown" now and they're not afraid to call it like it is.

"About time that I let you know / My ride and I assume control," they belt. "You knew it baby, years ago / Can't get with me, now I'm grown / Grown now, grown now / Don't you know that I'm / Grown now, grown now / I can hold my own / Boy, you missed the boat / Can't get with me, now I'm grown."

Jesy Nelson rocks the second verse, singing, "You're washed up and now I'm in a different league / Trying to work so hard and I don't need your flattery." Preach.

"It's funny how the tables turn," Jade Thirlwall adds. "I'm standing back, baby / Watching you burn / No regrets, just a lesson learned."

One key element of this video is the performance itself. Of course, the women sound amazing, but they took the choreography to the next level with "Grown." From high-energy stomps to actually hopping on the backs of their background dancers, Little Mix leave no question that they're fierce. The performance also confirmed that these are grown women, ready to take charge — which is exactly what they did.

Love "Grown"? Same. You can catch it on Little Mix's new album, Get Weird, when it drops on Nov. 6. Until then, I'll have this performance on repeat.