The Kardashian Hairstyling Iron Is Award-Worthy

by Alexa Tucker

Reality TV's most famous sisters just might be on to something with their hair and beauty line. Their Kardashian Beauty 3-in-1 Hairstyling Iron has been tapped in Allure magazine's annual Best of Beauty awards, and they certainly don't mess around with their picks. If the glossy chose it for their prestigious round-up, it must be worth checking out, right?

"The words 'Kardashian' and 'flat' rarely occur in the same sentence, but none of the flatirons we tested achieved the sleek finish of the Kardashian Beauty 3-in-1 Hairstyling Iron," says the review. "And for the record, it also creates bombshell-worthy bends (lock the plates together and the outside—which is curved—heats up.)"

Sooo, is the glam squad a gift with purchase? Because then I'd be totally sold. However, surprisingly, the regular ol' 1" Ceramic Hairstyling Iron might be a better bet — it's got 4.3 stars, and as Yahoo! points out, users of the 3-in-1 flatiron only awarded it a score of 3.2. Hmm.

Not that I don't trust the magazine's judgement — maybe a little too much, even. "At the end of the day, I think Allure 's biggest strength is that... people know we are not BS-ing them," Allure Executive Editor Kristin Perrotta told Fashionista. "We are going to tell you if a product is great and we are going to tell you if it's not great."

I might be sticking with my trusty Chi straightener for now, but the Kardashian Beauty line certainly has my attention now. An Allure Best of Beauty award is actually kind of a BFD for makeup and hair nerds, so congrats, ladies.

Kardashian Beauty 3 in 1 Ceramic Hairstyling Iron, $54, Ulta

Now that this bad boy's been given some love, here are three other Kardashian Beauty hair products I'd consider shelling out for:

Smooth Styler Blow Dry Cream

Kardashian Beauty Smooth Styler Blow Dry Cream, $8, Target

With 4.3 stars, this protective blow dry cream is one of the sisters' highest-rated products.

Pure Glitz Hairspray

Pure Glitz Hairspray, $13, Jet

Right up there with the blow dry cream, the Kardashian's hair spray is a fan fave — it's even got a little sparkle to it.

Take 2 Dry Conditioner

Coupled with the Take 2 Dry Shampoo, do we ever really need to wash our hair again? Nahh.

Take 2 Dry Conditioner, $9, Target

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