Can Noah Get To Molly In Time On 'Heroes Reborn'?

Welcome back, Heroes! We missed you. OK fine, Heroes Reborn — this is a new generation of Evos after all, but as much as things change so much stays the same. In the Heroes Reborn premiere, we're greeted with a very familiar face, Noah Bennet (Horn Rimmed Glasses, if you're old school) back on the scene. He is on his way to a big event in his old home of Odessa, Texas that celebrates the unity of Evos (evolutionary advanced humans, aka the ones with powers) and normal people. He's feeling the positive vibes and is looking for his daughter Claire to make up after a long estrangement. Everything's great, until a terrorist attack at the convention levels Odessa.

Now, Evos are hunted and have been driven into hiding. Noah survives the attack, but gets pulled back into the conspiracy, since (just like the good old days) everything seems to trace back to Primatech Paper (you remember "The Company"). Once he pieces together a few clues, he realizes that he knew something about the explosion and had Rene wipe his memories. After some very fancy snooping and detective work, he learns that Primatech is after Molly Walker, a Evo with the ability to locate people, anywhere on the planet. He's off to find her, but he's got some competition.

See, she's been on the run (hiding from Primatech, presumably) and after trying to con a con artist EVO, she winds up captured and handcuffed, while the bounty hunters turn her in to The Company. If the bad guys get to her before Noah — well, I'm not sure what will happen, but it's what the evil corporation wants, so it's clearly bad news. If Noah can somehow rescue her they might be able to work together to stop Primatech, and find his daughter in the process. Will he be able to do it? My money's on yes. Molly is the key to stopping the elimination of Evos, and Noah know's exactly how shadow agencies work. New slogan idea: save Molly, save the world!

Image: Christos Kalohoridis/NBC