'Best Time Ever' Pranks Britney Spears

Ever wanted to see Britney Spears greet someone by saying "It's Britney, bitch"? Well, Neil Patrick Harris just made that dream come true. NPH and Joe Jonas got Spears to prank interview bodyguards on Best Time Ever on Tuesday night and she didn't break character once, even as Harris directed her to greet a bodyguard with "I'm Britney, bitch." The pop singer interviewed the potential employees while listening to commands from Harris and Jonas in her ear and she stayed super committed to it all. Pop music and comedy — seems like Spears can do it all.

She interviewed bodyguard candidates Wesley, Andrew, and Keith first in a dressing room and then she moved to a stage, where they were required to show off some dance moves. Harris and Jonas fed Spears lines such as: "So you're like Batman," "Are you stronger than tanks?" and of course, "It's Britney, bitch." She even makes the interviewees search for something hidden in the venue's seats, taking all her direction from Jonas and Harris. Spears and the bodyguards proved to be good sports throughout, doing everything asked.

And then Britney got up and danced, of course. She asked the bodyguards, "Can you be close to me at all times?" while they chased her around as she danced on the stage. "You're filled with surprises, you know that?" one of the bodyguard remarked. NPH and Jonas got a kick out of it all and so did the audience.

NPH began the second episode of Best Time Ever by helping a man make a sweet marriage proposal to an audience member. Late Night host Seth Meyers guest starred for a segment called "BTE News," in which they filled in the blanks when reading news from a teleprompter and Bonnie Tyler led a karaoke sing-a-long to her classic song "Total Eclipse of the Heart." Nicole Scherzinger returned for the second week in a row to help out.

Watch the hilarious Spears segment below.