7 Insane Times Ben Carson Blamed Political Correctness For The Demise Of Everything


Republican presidential candidate Ben Carson has been described as the soft-spoken alternative to Donald Trump, but just because the neurosurgeon's delivery is a bit more subdued, that doesn't mean he's any less brash in his statements. On a recent appearance on NBC's Meet the Press, Carson said he feels a Muslim should not be president, and the controversial remarks have angered many. Rather than apologize, Carson decided to blame reactions to his discriminatory statements on an overly sensitive society, but there have been plenty of insane times Ben Carson blamed political correctness for things that have come out of his mouth.

Carson has blamed being P.C. for everything from the fall of Rome to his offensive comments on homosexuality being poorly received. In this latest move against political correctness, the Republican candidate indicated there was nothing problematic about his statements against Muslims but rather political correctness to blame. Speaking before a rally in Cincinnati, Carson said:



His response to the backlash is eerily similar to the one he gave in 2013 following comments in which he likened homosexuality to bestiality and pedophilia. Rather than issuing a sincere apology, the Republican candidate instead vowed to stop talking about gay issues altogether and instead shifted the focus on how being P.C. is, in his mind, ultimately way more exclusionary:

Black Lives Matter

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Carson's views on the Black Lives Matter movement are similarly filled with anti-political correctness rhetoric. He defended Democratic candidate and former Maryland Gov. Martin O'Malley saying "all lives matter" by yet again blaming an overly sensitive society for their reaction. Carson likened being P.C. to losing the freedom of speech:


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In a 2014 op-ed penned to The Washington Times, Carson began an anti-Obamacare essay by describing the evils of high school peer pressure then transitioning to how it's so similar to political correctness. Maybe this metaphor is a walk down memory lane?


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Even as far back as three years ago, Carson was decrying political correctness in the name of education. One of his strongest statements against being P.C. came in 2012 during an interview with Patrick Henry College journalism and public policy chair Dr. Marvin Olasky. At first, Carson went after the poor state of America's education system. He then traced the country's overall decline to political correctness, which Carson claims gained prominence in the 1930s. The GOP presidential hopeful then went even more hyperbolic, likening living in a P.C. society to living under a Nazi regime:


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Carson is so incredibly against being politically correct that he maintains it could very easily be the downfall of society. The distant example that Carson cites is, oddly enough, the fall of the Roman Empire. In a 2014 interview with Bloomberg Politics, the candidate says that America has lost sight of its morals exactly because of being P.C, which he claims is similarly what happened to ancient Rome before its demise:


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Yet again, Carson some how worked in his beliefs against political correctness on an incredibly important issue: war and conflict. Speaking during a February appearance on Fox News, the GOP presidential hopeful criticized President Obama's leadership and somehow tied soldiers returning from battle to the issue of political correctness: