The Question Trump Avoids Obama Birther

Donald Trump has long been an outspoken critic of President Obama, but last Friday saw the reemergence of one conspiracy theory the Republican just can't seem to let go. When a supporter questioned Obama's birth as a U.S. citizen and asserted the president was a Muslim, Trump did little to correct the claim. And when Stephen Colbert gave the presidential candidate the opportunity to clear the air on The Late Show Tuesday, Trump completely avoided the Obama birther question, a side shuffle that has become characteristic of the Republican.

After a long chat, during which Colbert openly mocked Trump's Mexican wall dream and his presidential campaign made for comedy, the late-night host switched gears to address the recently resurfaced Obama birther theory.

I'm going to throw you a big fat meatball for you to hit out of the park right now, OK? This is the last time you ever have to address the question if you hit the ball. ... Barack Obama: born in the United States? Go.

Rather than take a bite out of the meatball, Trump deflected the question, saying, "I don't talk about it anymore. I talk about jobs. I talk about our veterans being horribly treated. I just don't discuss it." It was common move by the Republican, whose "$10 billion mouth" always seems to come up short in providing real answers to real questions. And Trump has made it clear there will be no final word on the birther issue, at least from his side.

This was the first time Trump has sat down with Colbert, and the business mogul has long been a favorite target whether on The Late Show or The Colbert Report. Trump was incredibly somber throughout the interview — a sign the Republican is moving into a new phase of his campaign to establish himself as a serious candidate — and at times appeared frustrated at Colbert's jocular interjections. But at least Colbert made it a point to thank him for becoming the must-watch act in the election race.

I want to thank you for running for president. I'm not gonna say this stuff writes itself, but you certainly do deliver it on time everyday.