Things I Never Noticed In ‘Winning London’

Over the past two months I have been rewatching every single Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen movie, with the exception of the ones where they are really young, and I have to say that Winning London has moved up into one of the top spots as my favorite one (besides Holiday In The Sun). So why has Winning London moved up in the ranks? Because it’s pretty much the only Mary-Kate and Ashley movie with a plot line that involves a beginning, middle, and end — and I appreciate a movie with a narrative.

In case you somehow missed this one during childhood, let me refresh your memory. Mary-Kate and Ashley are part of their school’s Model UN team which is chosen to go to London for the international competition. They head to London and are forced to switch countries after a mix-up where two teams were assigned to China. Now, their team must rush to learn about their new country, the UK. There are debates, montages, and a fancy British guy who’s dad does not want him dating an American girl. I mean what more could you really ask for in a Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen movie? Here are 10 things I noticed while rewatching the flick as an adult.

1. This Blast From The Past

Remember the good old days of AOL and dial-up? OK, maybe not good old days considering you couldn’t even talk on the phone while browsing the internet, but still I kind of miss designing my profile and crafting away messages.

2. The Guy Who Plays Dylan

You may recognize this guy from Not Another Teen Movie, at least I did. Just like in Winning London, he plays the dorky guy who pretty much ends up alone at the end of the movie. He gets a girl in Winning London, but let’s be honest here, it might be because she had no other options. Sad.

3. The Not-So-Subtle Sherlock Holmes Joke

Of course the teachers’ names are Ms. Watson and Mr. Holmes. I never realized it until rewatching it, but I appreciate the joke nonetheless.

4. King Henry VIII’s New Title

This is quite possibly my favorite line in the whole movie. Let me set the scene. They are taking a tour of London and when they get to where Anne Boleyn is beheaded, they talk about “The fat guy who invented divorce.” I mean, so true, right?

5. No Wonder The Tower Guard Didn’t Crack A Smile

There’s a little montage of the group try to get the guards to laugh and break character, but the jokes are terrible. I mean, at least put a little effort into it.

6. This First Time For Mary-Kate

This might be the first time Mary-Kate gets the hotter guy. The British guy was much more attractive than the American dude Ashley is obsessed with.

7. The British Guy

OK, House fans, you recognize Mary-Kate’s love interest because really he's Robert Chase from House. He’s also known as Matthew Casey from Chicago Fire.

8. The Game Boy Bribe

Dylan bribes one of the other “countries” to vote for them by offering game time on the new Game Boy. Would’ve worked on me back in the day too.

9. Proof British Guys Are Better Than Americans

They all head to some type of dance and the British guy is the only one that asks a girl to dance, the rest of the guys just stand around while a girl forces them on the dance floor. This is because British men are the best, and I stand by this judgement.

10. These Convincing Disguises

They look just like men, obviously. Also to note here, James attends Eton, which fun fact, is where Prince William and Prince Harry went to school.

Images: Winning London/Screenshot (5); mary-kateandashleyolsen/Tumblr; hollywoodgeneration/Tumblr (2)