In Honor Of 'Anchorman 2,' 10 Of The Best Judd Apatow Selfies

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Look, guys, it's a slow news day. And on slow news days I often find myself endlessly scrolling through twitter, becoming passively enraged by a tweet here, mildly intrigued by a think-piece there. Mostly I find myself hung up on the tweet of one comedy icon or another, maybe wondering if someday some twenty-two year old girl or boy will stumble upon my selfies only to find themselves in a weird existential spiral of "oh god where does my future start" and "will Amy Poehler ever love me" and "I wonder if anyone will ever be my Dumbledore the way Judd Apatow is to Lena Dunham." This is definitely my own narcissism projecting onto other people's twitter output. But, like I said, it's a slow news day. So let's take a tour through Judd Apatow's best selfies. Because he's good at it, he takes a lot of them, and he's got a movie out right now that is kicking butt in the box office (what else is new?).

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