Your Fave Affordable Makeup Goes Brick & Mortar

It's already almost impossible to visit a Target, Ulta, Bed, Bath & Beyond or CVS without popping some NYX must-haves into your cart, and later this fall, you'll be able to get your fix of High Voltage Lipstick or the indispensable Lid Lacquer at the label's own branded stores. NYX is opening its first brick and mortar stores in the coming weeks, so fans of the line can shop the entire range of makeup, get schooled on tips and tricks by the pros, and get inspired.

The first round of retail spots will open in Southern California, where NYX is headquartered. Even though the cosmetics label's name sounds like it could be an East Coast brand, NYX is actually named after the Greek goddess of the night of the same name. How rad is that? A location in Arcadia, CA will open on October 2, with two more spots in the LA area within a month and two more in the Bay Area by Holiday 2015. If you're not on the Left Coast, don't worry; national expansion is in the works, as well.

A fan tweeted a picture of the soon-to-be-unveiled store earlier this month on Twitter, and the brand's signature bold colors were in full view.

The new stores will be the only brick and mortar location where Every. Single. Product. will be available in one place (um, that's pretty major!), and better still, community will be a big focus. The stores will serve as platforms for sharing crowd-sourced images, meaning that makeup inspo, tutorials, and beauty haul photos that customers share on social media could be displayed in-store.

It will also be great to step inside the NYX universe. We already know the brand well from seeing it alongside other staples at retailers around the country, but being inside a space that is purely NYX, plus having the chance to test-drive the cosmetics, play with colors, and chat with the "Squad" (that's what they call store associates on the website) and other NYX devotees is sure to be an Insta-worthy experience!

Here are seven NYX products (that cost $7 or less) that I can't wait to test-drive in-store:

1. High-Shine Eyelids

The finishing touch on perfectly-shaded eyelids is a shiny topcoat. This is basically the makeup version of a "going out top." NYX Lid Lacquer, $7.

2. Dramatic Lipstick

There are 22 new shades here, people. Personally, I'm dying to try out that purple. Rihanna, what's good? NYX High Voltage Lipstick, $6.

3. Suede Lips

Because what says "fall" more than suede — and a matte lip? NYX Liquid Suede Cream Lipstick, $7.

4. Multi-Tasking Lip & Cheek Looks

These look so creamy and rich on, proving that luxe can come in a $7 tube. Plus, they multi-task for lips and cheeks, so that's more bang for your buck. NYX Whipped Lip and Cheek Souffle, $7.

5. Perfectly In-Place Brows

I've tried every pencil under the sun, but never a tinted pomade. I have a good feeling about this one... NYX Tame and frame brow pomade, $7

6. Invisible Blemishes

For a $6 tube of concealer, they spared no expense. Seriously, it's got coconut oil — that's healing, nourishing, natural, and sweet-smelling, too. NYX Gotcha Covered Concealer, $6.

7. Blended Makeup

I've always wanted to try a blending sponge, but some of the ones on the market ring in at upwards of $30, so I always saw it as an expensive experiment. Will definitely be test-driving this one. NYX Teardrop Blending Sponge, $7.

Now, while I'm there I just have to get them to show me the right way to use all of this, too...

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Images: NYX (7), Giphy