'The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon' ... & Justin?

Whenever these two goofballs get together, magic seems to happen. They're like the Smuthers Brothers revival no one asked for, only more wholesome. But hey, it works — people are really eating it up. On Saturday night, musical guest Justin Timberlake and host Jimmy Fallon earned Saturday Night Live its highest ratings since Jan., 2012. The show, chock full with cameos from stars like Madonna, Barry Gibb, Paul McCartney, and New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg, was a holiday hit that reminded many of us that the late-night comedy sketches can, in fact, be funny. And we all know what this means.

With Fallon slated to take over Jay Leno's spot on the Tonight Show come late Feb., 2014, we have to wonder if Justin Timberlake will be there, too. These two can't seem to get enough of one another — Timberlake's appeared multiple times on Late Night and was Fallon's first ever guest — and their buddy-buddy routine is becoming more norm than anomaly. Which is to say, more expected than surprising. More duh, of course than ooh, look at that!

Let's face it, Fallon's at his best when he has fellow '90s-obsessor Timberlake at his side. No one finds Fallon and Timberlake funnier than Fallon and Timberlake, so we think it's a safe bet that when the Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon hits the airwaves, Timberlake will be involved. No, he won't be the Tonight Show's band leader (although, wouldn't that be something) and it's unlikely he'll be the first to sit in that chair next to Fallon's desk (been there, done that), but you can rest assured that where there's a Fallon on stage, there's a Timberlake in the wings.

Musical career, shmusical career. Timberlake should just join Fallon at the hip and make it official, already. We all know that they'll be teaming up forever, and they know it, too:

The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon & Justin Timberlake has a nice ring to it, doesn't it?

Images: LateNightJimmy/Tumblr