The Struggle Of Putting In Contacts Daily

by Dasha Fayvinova

If I were to write up a list of daily annoyances, the struggles of wearing contacts would be right at the top, and BuzzFeed's staff agrees. It might be a First World Problem, but the key word is problem. Turns out that you need your vision to do stuff and glasses don’t look cool all the time. Solution: stick water-absorbing polymers in your eyes. Obviously.

I realized I needed glasses when the bright green numbers on the cable box seemed blurry. I faithfully wore them for five years. When I finally asked my mother to get contacts she told me that I shouldn’t because I “would go blind”. I looked into that theory and it turned out that I would have to be a giant idiot for that to actually happen. When I got my first pair I thought that I finally knew what true freedom felt like. No more glasses sliding down my nose, no more smudges obstructing my view and no more looking like a goth vampire. What I didn’t realize is that contacts create a whole new set of problems that I had to struggle with every single time I put them in.

You don't believe in my struggle? Do you want to know how I put in my contacts? I get up close and personal with my mirror. I pull down on my bottom lid and look the complete opposite direction from my finger that is holding my contact. I then intuitively plop the lens into my eye and use my top lid to scoot it over my actual iris. This process is tedious, dumb and not how you are told to do it at the doctor’s office. Do you believe me now?

If you ever thought contacts were cool — I present the following:

Step One: The Finger Dance

Observe the contact and make sure it is not inside out. It will have weird fuzz on it. Your goal is to have the lens look like a small bowl and not a saucer.

Step Two: The Disappearing Act

You will lose your contact somewhere on your sink, it's inevitable. Pro Tip: Don't you dare think about what your contact is touching while you search for it.

Step Three: The End Game

Insert and back away. You will blink a lot, there might even be some tears. Just remember the sweet feeling of having perfect vision and it will all be over soon.

Watch the full video below:

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