Donald Trump Is A Lot Like 'SNL''s Drunk Uncle

Whether it's the idea that the U.S. could actually force Mexico to pay for a wall along its border, or his comment that Fox New host Megyn Kelly had "blood coming out of her wherever" during the first Republican debate, Donald Trump often sounds like someone's drunken uncle at a wedding. Think about it. He rants about immigrants and makes inappropriate comments about women — including his own daughter, Ivanka. His hair looks crazy pretty often, if not all the time. But there's one drunk uncle in particular which Trump resembles: Drunk Uncle from Saturday Night Live. The two have so much in common that they could almost be the same person.

You can see the similarities in just one episode of SNL. For example, in a Weekend Update from April, Drunk Uncle hates on Easter and today's youth. Then, in a comment that almost sounds identical to a Trumpism, he says that this country in headed in one direction: the crapper. And Trump would definitely agree with that. That's why he's running to make America great again! Drunk Uncle and Trump agree that we've gotta pull our country out of that crapper by kicking out all those goshdarn immigrants.

In a knock-knock joke with Weekend Update host Seth Meyers, Drunk Uncle gets Meyers to say "Knock, knock," and Drunk Uncle says "Who's there?" Meyers replies, "I don't know," and Drunk Uncle says, "No, just say 'immigrants.' Start over." When they start the joke over and Meyers says "immigrants," Drunk Uncle yells, "Go away!"

You really cannot deny the similarities. And that's not the only issue on which Drunk Uncle and Trump would be best friends.

In another episode, Drunk Uncle says that when he was a kid, "Christmas used to mean something," and people would travel to see their families. "Now, it's just, 'Can you email me dinner?'" he rants. And Trump totally agrees, having recently said that if he becomes president, he would force Macy's to celebrate Christmas. Trump expressed frustration over the fact that stores now feature greetings like "Happy Holidays" instead of "Merry Christmas" in order to be more inclusive to religions that don't fall under Christianity:

You take your boy to Macy's and you take your boy to these stores and they don't have the word. And I want Christmas … I want people to be able to celebrate Christmas. Somebody said 'well that's not the biggest part' – let me tell you that's a big part! It's a big part. You know what they're doing. Every year it gets worse and worse and before you know it, you won't be able to go to church the way they are doing it.
Andrew H. Walker/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

They just won't celebrate Christmas! *Shakes fist in the air while holding a low-shelf whiskey* Trump is officially the United States' drunken conservative uncle.

Image: Getty Images, NBC, Celia Darrough (1); Caroline Wurtzel, Celia Darrough (1)