A Draper James Store Is Coming Soon

by Augusta Statz

A brand that brings just the right mixture of sweet and sass will soon bring an even better way for you to shop all of the charming pieces it has to offer. Draper James will open a store this fall, so get ready for a full-on Southern shopping experience, y’all (go ahead and start practicing sprinkling those in every once in a while).

Witherspoon is setting up shop in Nashville, which makes perfect sense because you really can’t picture the Draper James flagship store being anywhere else, could you? With its location and its hospitality, Witherspoon is really looking to provide the complete Southern experience with this store location.

“When I was growing up we had this amazing store in Nashville called McClures, which is closed now. I have so many memories as a kid of sitting there while my mom tried on clothes, running into everyone we knew while we shopped," she told Garden & Gun. "I want to re-create that environment. A gathering spot where the mom brings kids in, and you drink sweet tea while you browse. That community. The charm of the old Southern department store feeling."

And no one could recreate that environment better than Witherspoon herself. She really is the ultimate Southern lady, especially in terms of style, and here are seven looks that will prove it to you.

1. Southern Slogans

Witherspoon knows how to incorporate a little bit of the South into her outfits, bless her heart.

2. Southern Pride

She's proud of where she's from, and she always celebrates in style.

3. Southern Living

She was even the cover model for Southern Living, for goodness' sake.

4. Southern Prints

Gingham is a must for this gal.

5. Southern Hospitality

Witherspoon is the perfect host, of course.

6. Southern Summer

Some stylish R&R is a must during the dog days of summer.

7. Southern Roots

There's no place like home.

Witherspoon's got plenty of stylish, Southern sensibility, and I'm sure you will, too, once you pay a visit to the Draper James store. I don't know about you, but (especially being a Southern girl myself), I can hardly wait to pay a visit!

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