These Beauty Innovations Are Life-Changing

by Tyler Atwood

The notion of customizable skincare has always been a bit of a misnomer in the beauty industry. After all, to possess a truly personalized skincare regimen, one would have to fashion their own products. However, Romy Paris' freshly debuted line of literally customizable beauty products is the closest the industry has come to providing consumers with completely unique offerings.

Romy Paris consumers are instructed to first purchase and install an app which poses skin type questions to its users along with queries about their holistic health practices. The results are subsequently utilized to create a custom amalgamation of ingredients which is then sealed into a series of capsules for the consumer's usage. Consumers only craving a fundamental beauty regimen can opt for capsules from the aptly named Fondamentale line, while those with more complex concerns can turn to the Evolutive collection.

Each capsule is then placed into the Romy Paris machine entitled "Figure," where it is blended with a serum or cream base each time the consumer desires a new batch. Romy Paris advertises the machine as a daily extravagance.

Although at first blush the Figure's inner workings seem high-concept, the principle behind the innovation is quite straightforward. At roughly $547 for the Figure machine and between $22.30 and $42.40 for each set of capsules or cream, the investment in a personalized skincare regimen isn't inexpensive. However, a robot-like apparatus that prepares your products daily using only the finest ingredients may be a dream well worth the cost. If you adore the idea of cosmetic genius but don't possess the financial resources for a $600 beauty habit, read on for other equally intriguing yet less expensive inventions.

1. Flower Cosmetics' Powder-To-Cream Blush

Flower Transforming Touch Powder-To-Creme Blush, $13, Walmart

The beauty industry had long since seen cream-to-powder blush when Flower's Transforming Touch Powder-To-Creme Blush appeared on the scene, but powder-to-cream was a luxurious new twist on the concept.

2. Tria's Handheld Laser

Tria Hair Removal Laser 4X, $449, Amazon

In-office laser treatments may be effective, but they are painful and expensive. Tria's at-home laser device promises hair removal results in the privacy of your home, sans embarrassment.

3. The At-Home Gel Manicure

SensatioNail Nail Starter Kit, $25, Amazon

If you had attempted to explain light-cured manicures with a shelf life of over two weeks to a beauty addict two decades ago, you would have been met with a blank stare. The now-beloved practice of gel manicures is now making the transition from salon to home with affordable and effective devices.

4. Customized Lip Gloss

Smashbox O-Gloss Intuitive Lip Gloss, $25, S ephora

Who could have predicted that one's healthy blush would be encapsulated by a product that mimics a joyful glow when applied to the skin? Smashbox O-Gloss Intuitive Lip Gloss adapts to each user's skin for a rosy lip hue that will breathe life into even the most winter-worn or pale puckers.

5. The Effortless Curling Iron

Conair CD203 Curl Secret Curling Iron, $65, A mazon

If you trust feeding your hair into a automatic curling machine, you are in for quite the coiffure treat, as the effortless curling iron has become quite a trend over the past year. Simply insert a strand of your hair into the iron and sit back while the contraption does the rest for you.

6. The Handheld Makeup Airbrush Machine

TEMPTU Air Cordless Makeup Airbrush Device, $195, Nordstrom

Airbrushing isn't just for models and celebrities anymore, as Temptu's Makeup Airbrush Device cunningly proves. The handy little machine mists each consumer's face with a complexion-matched hue of foundation for a look that renders Instagram filters truly unnecessary.

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Images: romy_paris (2)/ Instagram