How To Be Kim K. On 'PAPER' Mag For Halloween

If you haven't figured out what you're going to be for Halloween yet, let me plant this seed into your brain: Kim Kardashian's PAPER magazine as a costume. Oh, you didn't think I'd let you forget the Selfie Queen's "Break The Internet" magazine cover shoot from 2014, did you? It was weird, it was mostly nude, and it was all people could talk about. This is the first Halloween since the shoot was revealed, which means you should definitely recreate it. It's guaranteed to win you some costume contests.

First, you're going to need a heavy dose of confidence, because chances are that this costume is going to be the life of the party. Love her or hate her, everyone knows who Kim Kardashian is. Dressing like her arguably most ridiculous cover of all time is going to gain attention — and hopefully, big points in creativity and humor. If you're ready to win a costume contest or get a ton of likes on your Instagram, this is your time to shine.

This costume is surprisingly simple and affordable. The best part? It's easy to throw together quickly. All you need is the right accessories (like, you know, a trash bag) copious amounts of baby oil, and a shameless grin on your face.

Of course, you don't have to get naked (unless you want to). A nude body suit will give the general idea in a way that's hilarious, not awkward, and completely safe from randos uploading photos of you onto their social media accounts.

Below is your Kim Kardashian PAPER Mag Halloween costume kit.

1. Nude Bodysuit

American Apparel Cotton Spandex Jersey Basic Bodysuit, $26.00,

Is it really a Kim K. costume without a little faux nudity? I don't think so. Thanks to this little body suit, you can also interpret the R rated magazine cover (that really broke the Internet).

2. Trash Bag

Home Depot Extra Large 50 Gallon Trash Bags, $14.97,

Who really knows if she was actually wearing a very strategically placed and well designed trash bag, but, to me, that's what it sure looks like. Also, this saves you from having to shell out money for a strapless black gown because let's face it — you're not going to be wearing it for very long anyways. Use some clear tape or black tape to secure the bag around your body and you're good to go! Just be sure not to tape it too tight since, well, it's going to end up on the ground eventually.

3. Johnson's Baby Oil

Johnson's Baby Oil, $3.92,

Take a generous bath in this stuff and you're halfway there.

4. Satin Elbow Length Gloves

Leg Avenue, Inc. Opera Extra Long Satin Gloves, $10.49,

Let them shrug midway down your arm for a "I'm-naked-but-these-gloves-make-me-look-fabulous" attitude.

5. Pearl Necklace

Charming Charlie Double Luxe Pearl Necklace, $15.00,

Create a faux pearl collar, a la Kim, by stacking a couple of these necklaces on top of each other.

6. Top Knot

Conair Bun Maker System, $7.39,

Make sure your bun is placed at the top of your head, with a couple little tufts sticking out. You'll look just like Kim!

7. Bottle of Champagne

Korbel Champagne Brut, $13.99,

The spewing champagne all over Kim's bodacious derrière is iconic. If you don't want to have a champagne shower, you can just cart this around and look like Kim...while also refilling guests' empty glasses.

Images: PAPER Mag; Courtesy of Brands