Could This Be the Key to Pain-Free Heels?

The phrase "Beauty is pain" may be a thing of the past, thanks to a potentially life-altering invention from the folks over at Biochemistry. According to Mail Online, Beverly Hills plastic surgeon Dr. Randal Haworth has created a numbing spray called Heel No Pain that promises to relieve foot pain induced by high-heel-wearing for up to three hours.

The miracle spray contains an ingredient called Lidocaine HCI, the same analgesic used by dentists and doctors to numb pain, but in the "strongest over-the-counter concentrations." When applied, the spray will numb the nerves that transmit pain, penetrating the thick skin at the bottom of your foot. The product promises to work in minutes and last for hours without staining leather or other materials. To top it off, it's cucumber-scented.

There is no mention of how this numbing will affect our ability to balance ourselves on five-inch heels. I already have a tough enough time walking in some of my favorite stilettos, so I'm nervous at the idea of it numbing my feet and hindering my fight to find equilibrium. It may guarantee hours of pain-free high-heel wear, but can it promise a night free from falling flat on my face? That, readers, is what I would like to know.

Despite my doubt, those who have tried the product are already raving about it. A busy event manager named Sophie Potts tried a sample of the product earlier this month and said it completely changed her day. "Obviously the discomfort of wearing heels doesn't just magically disappear, but the pain — that pain that makes you want to take your shoes off, or sit down — was gone."

The product, which is FDA approved, also comes in a formula for fitness-goers called Active. Haworth truly believes in his product and hopes "it will be as common as Tylenol."

If you are the least bit curious about this product, you can order it now on Biochemistry's website. A 2.5 oz bottle will cost you $14.99 — an inexpensive investment for a night free from cringing in heels.