This 'BB17' Houseguest Didn't Deserve To Get Third

After watching the houseguests endure a record 98 days in the Big Brother 17 house, after the final Head of Household competition, I had to ask myself, "Is that all there is?" That's because Steve took home the final HoH title, and when he did, he decided to bring Liz with him along for the ride to join him in the final two. That meant Vanessa came in third in the Big Brother 17 competition, and I don't think I'm going to get over this travesty anytime soon.

That's because Vanessa was without a doubt the best player of BB17 and maybe even one of the best players of Big Brother of all time. Sure, she was manipulative and hot-headed and calculating, but that's how you get stuff done in the Big Brother house, you know? Vanessa thought about the game harder than any other player, worked the hardest to further her game, and wanted it so bad, she definitely deserved the title. I'm just so sad she didn't get it.

Of course, Steve knew all of that, and all of the jury members probably knew all of that too, so he couldn't possibly bring Vanessa to the final two with him because she would have won and not him. If only Vanessa had rocked that third and final nail-biter part of the HoH competition to bring it on home. She did so well in the first part, again, manipulating her way to victory by convincing Liz to drop out early. Vanessa came back by eventually tying with Steve, but in the end, she just couldn't seal the deal. Oh, she looked so quietly devastated, I just wanted to reach into the TV screen and give her a big hug.

So now all Vanessa can hope for is winning the title of America's Favorite Houseguest. On second thought, maybe she just needs to be content with being a revered player whose moves will undoubtedly be remembered by Big Brother superfans like Steve for years to come. That's still something.

Image: CBS