Kim Davis Opened Up On 'The Kelly File'

During an in-depth interview with Megyn Kelly, the Kentucky county clerk who refused to grant marriage licenses opened up, and some of the Kim Davis quotes from her Kelly File interview show she doesn't regret her actions at all. The Wednesday night interview, which focused on Davis' religious beliefs and subsequent jailing, featured interviews with David Moore and David Ermold, one of the same-sex couples that Davis refused to grant marriage licenses to.

The root of Davis' refusal to hand out licenses lays in her religious beliefs: namely, that she does not agree with the Supreme Court's marriage equality ruling. Despite being ordered to continue issuing licenses by a district judge, as well as the Supreme Court, she refused. She was subsequently jailed after being found in contempt of court.

Davis is out now, thanks to a deal that required her to not interfere with any licenses issued by her clerks. But according to the ACLU, Davis has allegedly changed the marriage licenses, therefore making them invalid. A judge is currently weighing whether Davis was in the wrong.

During her interview with Kelly, Davis made it clear that she was aware that she could be jailed, and was prepared for the consequences, and repeatedly restated her belief in God and her definition of marriage. But one thing was abundantly clear from Davis' statements — she does not regret her actions.

On Whether She's A Hero Or Villain

"I guess it just depends on what side of the argument you're on as to whether you treat me good or you treat me bad."

On When She Decided To Not Issue Licenses

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"I started in January after I got elected. I wrote every legislator and every senator that we have in our state while they still had time to get legislation on the floor for this year, begging them, beseeching them to get legislation on the floor to protect clerks like myself and many other who had religious objections and moral conflicts with this issue. I got one response."

On Her Video Confrontation With Ermold And Moore

"There was a media swarm around them. That's all it was about."

On Why She Doesn't Just Quit

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"If I resign, I lose my voice. Why should I quit a job that I love and I'm good at? ... It just comes back to, you know, they can accommodate for all sorts of other issues and we ask for one simple accommodation and we cannot receive it? It just doesn't seem right."

On Whether It's Hypocritical For Her To Judge Others

"I've not judged anybody. I have given my life to Christ. ... To say that I'm a sinner, I guess that's somebody judging me."

On Whether Accommodations Should Be Given For All Religion's Views On Marriage

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"So you have millions of Christians who object to this whole same sex marriage issue, are their rights invalid? Are their rights not worth anything? It's a valid point, its a fight worth fighting for."

On Finding Out She Was Going To Jail

"There was a flood of emotions of course. But when the marshals came to get me I stood up, I thanked [the judge] and walked out with grace."

On Her Time In Jail

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"I sang praises to him at the top of my lungs. They probably thought I was insane in there."

On The Backlash Against Her

"What people say about me doesn't define what I am. It doesn't make me the person that I am. My God has transformed me and that's what they don't understand, because they have a different view than what I have. They're considering me to be something that is terrible."

If She Had A Gay Or Lesbian Child

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"I wouldn't write them a license. ... I would love them, because I love all people. But I would not write them a marriage license."

On If She Made A Difference

"One person can make a difference. If one person is willing to step out ... and exercise their faith, one person can make a difference."

At the end of her interview with Kelly, Davis said that she's willing to return to jail if necessary. When asked if they want Davis to return to jail, a tired looking Moore and Ermold said no. "I just want her to do her job," Moore said.

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