Did James Cast A Blind Vote On The 'Big Brother 17' Finale? Carrie Underwood Wouldn't Have Even Done That

What. Just. Happened. After a season of my emotions being thrown around like a crappy rag doll in the attic, I landed on rooting for James on Big Brother 17 . It wasn't easy, because he single-handedly evicted my other half, Clay, but I did it. Then, on the Big Brother 17 finale, James suggested that he was voting blindly. When I say he "suggested" it, I mean he said he was going to be like Carrie Underwood and let "Jesus take the wheel," which sounds like he was blindly voting, doesn't it?

Now, James' comment could be taken a few different ways. One, he could have meant he was going to blindly pull a key out and vote for that person. Or, he could have meant that he was going to follow his ~heart~ and do what he felt was best in voting. I'm not sure if James was just messing with us one last time — remember, he's a huge prankster — but his vote ultimately went to Steve, which is what the majority of the house voted for.

Now, if James actually did vote blindly, then I have some choice words to say. ARE YOU KIDDING ME, JAMES? After all this, you're going to let a decent country song — at best — decide who wins $500,000. To steal the eternal words from Ms. Tyra Banks: "I was rooting for you, we were all rooting for you."

I'm hopeful that James meant this more in a "follow his heart" kind of way, but some Big Brother fans were equally as concerned.

At the end of the day — my favorite Big Brother phrase — James voted for Steve, which seems to be the right decision next to Liz, but let's not leave things up to chance, OK? James, would you have liked it if we just let Jesus take the wheel to randomly choose who won America's Favorite Houseguest? WOULD YOU HAVE BEEN OK WITH IT IF YOUR $25,000 WENT TO A JEFF? OR A JACE?

I think I've made my point.

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