7 Warm Fedoras That Are Perfect For Chilly Days

Pity on the poor souls that forget to cover their heads during winter because, I can guarantee you, those people are freezing. If you're one of them, or wanting to take a break from giant beanies, ear muffs, or straight up parkas, consider rocking one of these warm fedoras that will keep your noggin safe from the chilly temperatures. Made of felt and cozy wool, these winter fedoras will keep you looking pulled together while staying nice and toasty.

Full disclosure: my boyfriend thinks fedoras are silly since I'm not an old jazz musician, but I say whatever because they're cool, versatile, and classy. I have a little gray one with a maroon bow that I tend to wear at least once a week. When I feel my outfit is missing something and I pop a fedora on top, it usually does the trick every time!

Building a winter wardrobe is essential to staying healthy throughout the season. A warm fedora alone can't keep you bundled up, but fortunately Bustle writers have written some epic articles on how to get styled this season. I'm personally loving the warmest winter coats for every style! A good winter coat can go a long way. Trust.

Scroll through below to find your favorite warm fedora. Good luck staying warm this coming winter!

1. Ombré Knit Fedora

Knit Fedora, $48, Nordstrom

Elegant, snuggly, and made with 100 percent wool.

2. Tassled Black

Wool Fedora, $28, David & Young

Sleek, classic, and most importantly, super insulating!

3. Lace Knit Fedora

Packable Fedora, $32, Nordstrom

If you're like me and throw a million things in your bag in the morning, this is the perfect little fedora. It's foldable and retains its shape after getting totally smushed.

4. Chic Black & Blue

Wool Fedora, $58, Kate Spade

Kate Spade nailed it on both the fashionable and practical fronts with this two-tone fedora.

5. Classic Blue

Classic Wool Fedora, $185, Eric Javitz

They do say blue is the warmest color...

6. Floppy Gray Wool

Wool Fedora, $195, Rag&Bone

If you're a loose layers kind of gal, this is the perfect hat to complete an outfit.

7. Pop Of Ruby

Grosgrain Trim Fedora, $38, Halogen

Beyond being made of super luxurious wool, this fedora comes in a ton of colors!

Images: Courtesy of Brands