The Perfume You Should Wear To Meet Pope Francis

We all know that perfume can take you from smelling just so-so to totally divine. But that sentiment it about to be taken to a whole new level, thanks to Demeter's Pope-themed scents: Holy Smoke and Holy Water. And no, you don't have to be a part of The Pope's posse of Cardinals to get your hands on these pious aromas. While both these fragrances have been available for awhile now from the perfume house, with the arrival of The Pope in America, there has never been a better time to wear them.

In order to conjure up an idea of what Holy Water smells like, Demeter suggests imagining "an old European church, in a small town off the beaten track." This perfume is the scent you might find in an old stone container there. Holy Smoke, on the other hand, is inspired by the incense you would discover being used in said church — "a granulated aromatic resin, obtained from certain trees in Eastern and tropical countries, especially from those of the terebinth family."

If both of those descriptions are still leaving you totally puzzled, the user review section on Demeter's website does a slightly better job of putting it in concrete terms. According to commenters, Holy Water is a super light, soft, feminine scent landing somewhere between melon, Egyptian cotton, and snow. Users of Holy Smoke warn that this is a rather pungent eau de toilette, but if you're a serious lover of rich incense and amber notes, this will be definitely right up your alley.

If both of these sound totally off the wall to you, this is just the tip of Demeter's wacky-scented iceberg. After browsing through these seven totally crazy perfumes from the fragrance brand, Holy Water and Holy Smoke are going to sound as dull as Daffodil.

Elvira's Zombie

Just because you're the living dead doesn't mean you can't smell good.

Elvira's Zombie, $25 for 1oz,

Junior Mints

Not recommended for those on a diet.

Junior Mints, $20 for 1oz,


If you just can't get enough of construction sites, you've finally met your perfect match.

Sawdust, $20 for 1oz,


Za lovers rejoice!

Pizza, $20 for 1oz,

Lava Rocks

For those who like to live on the edge.

Lava Rocks, $20 for 1oz,

Giant Sequoia

Bring the forest with you wherever you go.

$20 for 1oz,

New Zealand

Who knew you could synthesize an entire country into a single bottle?

$20 for 1oz,

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Images: Demeter