'90s Inspired Lipstick Shades Are Redefining Bold

by Julia Guerra

According to this seasons fashion forecast, we can expect to see a heavy mix of the groovy ’70s hipster styles and ’90s prep-tastic alternatives this fall, but these re-emerging trends are not looking to stop at our wardrobes. Beauty brands are launching ’90s inspired lipstick shades which means the bold lip just got bolder.

Classically ’90s trends embody individuality as the term “alternative” can literally be defined as “another possibility.” Over the years brands have laid out the ground work, providing us with countless pieces and products to mix and match, but the one trend that has yet to go out of style is the bold lip.

I think the majority of us have become accustomed to think red when we think bold, but there are so many dark shades to play around with. Flash back to Gwen Stefani circa 1995 belting "Sunday Morning" sporting an extra plump deep berry lip, or the teenage witches in The Craft with crimson and ashy brown stains that terrified, yet kind of intrigued you. We’re told to go bold or go home, but this generation has yet to even scratch the surface of what that really means.

If the beauty realm is going full-fledged on this dark lipstick trend, we should at least give it a good run. Check out below for 9 bold lipsticks inspired by the '90s to try this season. I suggest you dip your toes in before diving head first into this epic pool of dark waters, but you're guaranteed to love this.


Semi Matte Lipstick in VIP Red, $27, Nars Cosmetics

Yes, I did say that there is more to the bold lip than shades of red, but you have to admit, it does make a pretty clear statement.

2. MAC

Sheen Supreme Lipstick in Deep Blue Plum, $20, Mac Cosmetics

Expect to see a lot of plum this fall, though I'm not even certain that's a seasonal fruit. Whatever works, I guess.

3. L'Oreal Paris

Colour Riche Lipcolour in Ginger Spice, $9, Loreal Paris

I feel like browns are one of those colors that if you have the right amount of confidence, any skin tone can rock it.

4. Chanel

Rouge Allure in Elegante, $35, Chanel

I adore this mauve shade by Chanel. It just exerts sensuality.

5. Butter London

LIPPY Matte Lipstick in Ruby Murray, $22, Ulta

You'd think for such a pale skinned woman I would stray from richer shades of red, but I am a firm believer that every woman needs at least one deep red lipstick shade in their drawer.

6. Lancome

L'absolu Rouge Definition in Le Pourpre, $30, Lancome

Another classic shade.

7. NYX

Wicked Lippie in Betrayal, $6, Ulta

As I previously stated, plum is the new black (which definitely was a thing in the '90s btw) as far as beauty products are concerned. I personally prefer a matte finish, but if you're going to go big, go all out and add some shimmer to your smile.

8. Urban Decay

Matte Revolution in Blackmail, $22, Urban Decay

I'm seeing a brownish, purple shade going on here which is perfect for cocktail hour with the ladies.

9. CoverGirl

Pure Color Envy in Extrovert, $30, Estee Lauder

Easy, breezy, and beautiful.

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Images: Courtesy Brands (9)