Manic Panic's New Line Is '80's Gold

Prep your roots and get ready to break out those air guitars '80's kids; Manic Panic's Jem and The Holograms semi-permanent hair color is coming, and it's full-on fluorescent goodness. Paying homage to Jem, Kimber, Aja, and Shana, the special edition dyes will come in bright pink, fiery orangey-red, a very '80s shade of purple (seriously, it's like the official purple of the decade) and teal.

The movie adaptation of the beloved cartoon of yesteryear (can you believe it's already been thirty years since the show first aired?) is slated to hit theaters on October 23, so you'll have plenty of time to figure out which of your favorite rocker chicks to channel. I'd definitely go for Jem's in-your-face pink, but there's always the option to pay homage to all four with streaks and highlights in each color.

Manic Panic has been the go-to hair color for the fearless for decades, so this collaboration seems like a natural fit. I still remember the day in middle school when I used the brand's hot pink dye to color the tiniest strand of my hair fuchsia. I also remember my mom freaking out and my school principal giving me a scolding look — win!

The official launch is October 1, but the dyes have already started hitting select Sephora stores, which will also stock a Jem and The Holograms-themed makeup set called "Truly Outrageous" in homage to the film, as well. You can snag some online via Manic Panic beginning on October 1. Each is $20.

The colors are officially called Pink, Orange Red, Violet, and Turquoise, and the Pink and Orange Red dyes glow under black light. The retro artwork on the bottles itself is totally collectible, and does the series major justice.

Now I just need to convince three of my friends to temporarily transform their tresses and form a girl-band. Who's with me?

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Images: Hasbro, Manic Panic, Giphy