Dying Mom's Last Christmas Wishes Granted By Radio Station

When Brenda Schmitz was diagnosed with stage-four ovarian cancer in 2011, she did her Christmas shopping early — a few years early, actually. This year, a local radio station received a letter Schmitz had entrusted to a friend for safekeeping until her husband, David, found a new life partner and stepmother for the couple's sons. Her friend was instructed to deliver the letter to a local radio station, KSTZ “Star” 102.5, known for granting Christmas wishes to local families. It wasn't until the station called David that he knew Brenda had had a surprise in store for him and his new family.

“I have a wish for David and the boys and the woman and her family if she has kids also,” Brenda wrote in a letter that was read on-air. “I want them to know I love them very much and they always feel safe in a world of pain.”

David proposed to his new girlfriend, Jayne Abraham, in September. Brenda's first wish was that Jayne would get some pampering. "She deserves it," Brenda wrote. "Being a step-mother to all those boys, and especially giving lil’ Max a ‘mother’s love’ that only she can give. Make her smile and know her efforts are truly appreciated from me. Thank you — I love you — whoever you are."

The next present from Brenda was a family trip somewhere magical. The radio station is sending the family of eight to Disney World for an all-expenses-paid trip. "We've never taken a family vacation and this will be wonderful," Jayne said. "It will allow us to create a bond amongst all of us that we haven't necessarily, had a chance to do quite yet. We are always coming and going, so this gives us time to sit back and enjoy each other."

Finally, Brenda's last wish was for the staff in her cancer unit: "a night out full of drinks, food and fun for all they do everyday for the cancer patients they encounter.”

Apparently there wasn't a dry eye in the radio station room when the letter was read to the wish-granting committee. Pass the tissues, please.

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