Portia de Rossi Gets Bed-Head Like The Rest Of Us

It’s one thing if you let your significant other see you rocking crazy bed head, no bra, and sweatpants. But, when Ellen DeGeneres showed photos of Portia de Rossi’s "bad" hair days (as if there really is such a thing) on TV, she took that privilege and ran with it. Thankfully, Rossi was a good sport about it, and she really had no reason not to be, because she’s beautiful, crazy hair and all.

DeGeneres had not just one photo, but multiple shots of her wife totally working it with messy hair. She even caught her post-massage — some things you just don’t do, you know? But, it was all in good fun, and she may have just started a little friendly battle with her spouse. I can’t wait to see what de Rossi can dig up to get DeGeneres back. I think it’s great to see these women laughing at themselves and having a good time, because it doesn’t matter what you look like, especially when you’re with someone you love who loves you back.

Watch the video to see the messy-haired photos, and then take a look at nine other celebs who haven’t been afraid to show off their bed-head or very best “woke up like ‘dis” kind of looks.

DeGeneres better watch out. No telling what de Rossi will do as payback!

1. Kourtney Kardashian

After a long day, the one thing you want more than anything is your bed. Forget everything else — except for taking a selfie, of course.

2. Jessie James Decker

JJD and Vivi DGAF, and that's what's so great about them.

3. Cindy Crawford

Nothing beats a little open-mouthed sleeping on a plane full of strangers, you know?

4. Shay Mitchell

Everyone needs a good pajama day.

5. Lena Dunham

And then there are those days where you don't do your hair, and you especially don't wear anything but your Calvins.

6. Lady Gaga

That feeling when it's past time to get your hair dyed.

7. Beyoncé

And for those moments when your hair closet is too overwhelming — just stay in bed!

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