'HTGAWM' Recapped... By Drunk People

There are few network shows more detail-filled and twisty than How to Get Away with Murder. With multiple victims, multiple killers, and about a million suspicious others running around in just 15 short episodes, there is a whole lot of plot to remember in How to Get Away with Murder Season 1. Luckily, there are some people in our very workplace who remember everything that happened last season. Less luckily, we got them drunk before we asked them to recap all the action. They sorta got it right.

As a quick refresher before we get to the fun part, here's a little snippet of what went down last season: Emmy winner (yeah, I'm still excited that we get to say that) Viola Davis is Annalise Keating, college law professor who teaches students ... how to get away with murder. It's super convenient, because as it turns out, her students (specifically Wes) killed her husband, Sam Keating, who also happened to be cheating on her, and had a picture of his penis on a dead girl's phone. That dead girl is Lila Stangard, who was buddies with Wes' neighbor/girlfriend, Rebecca. In the Season 1 finale, Rebecca also ends up dead, we find out that Sam ordered Annalise's right-hand man, Frank, to kill Lila, and we're still not sure if Wes and friends will actually ... get away with murder.

But you know what? These drunk people tell it way better. I mean ...

There's Dancing

And Drama

Oh Yeah, And MURDER