7 Hacks For Making Heels More Comfortable

Oh high heels — I have so much love and hate for those puppies. Luckily, after years as a pageant girl, I learned many hacks for making heels more comfortable. I used to walk in them for hours and these hacks were the only reason I survived standing for so long in stilettos without crying!

Though some people have very legitimate reasons for refusing to wear high heels, I am personally not one of them. Yeah, they're painful and yeah, they're hard to walk in, but learning how to walk in heels gracefully is easier than you think and, what can I say, I'm a sucker for good stilettos!

Fortunately, other Bustle writers feel the same way and we're all here to help you conquer the world of heels. If you recently swooned over and nabbed a dreamy pair of cute stilettos, don't just let them sit pretty in your closet! Learn a ton of great ways to make your heels last, how to get used to your heels quickly, and the essential trick to making them easier to walk in.

Scan the hacks below and prepare to become a high-heeled master. Good luck and have fun in your shoes!

1. Gel Inserts

For a particularly rigid heel, popping in gel inserts can work wonders in helping take some of the pressure off your feet.

(Heel Liners, $7.41,

2. Sand The Bottom

Don't want to slip all over the place? Grab a piece of sandpaper and lightly scuff up the bottom of your heels to give them some traction.

(3M 11-Inch Sandpaper, $2.97,

3. Deodorant Is For More Than Pits

To add a layer of smoothness and prevent chafing, roll deodorant on the inside of your heels. I know it sounds crazy, but trust me!

(Nourish Organic Deodorant, $7.79,

4. Strut

Pietro D'Aprano/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Notice how models take really long steps when they're hitting the runway? It's not just to look cool. Big strides might seem nerve-wracking at first, but you'll find you feel far more balanced with bigger steps and swinging hips!

5. DIY Stretching

Wardrobe consultant Allie Brandwein told SheKnows, "If your shoes are a little too tight ... Fill a zip lock bag halfway with water and place the bag inside the shoe. Put the shoe in the freezer overnight and voilà! Your shoe stretches. The water freezes and expands the shoe." Bam.

6. Shorten The Heel

For most heels, you can get away with removing up to inch without structurally wrecking the shoe to make it more comfortable.

7. Purchase Heel Caps

If your heels have seen better days and the tip is exposed, pop on new heel caps to save yourself from what could be some serious tumbles!

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Image Credit: Wilnora, Ol'Wizard, Pierre(Rennes)/Flickr