Are Fitz & Mellie Actually Over On 'Scandal'?

it's finally happening — or is it? After four solid seasons of Scandal, it's been a rare moment that we've seen Mellie and Fitz as an actual functioning married couple... just a President and his faithful FLOTUS who kept up appearances. But after Fitz kicked Mellie out of the White House in the Season 4 finale, it left the door open for him to move on with Olivia, and that's exactly what he's doing. Fitz announced he's divorcing Mellie in the Scandal Season 5 premiere, and even though he definitely seems like he means his words, I'm not convinced that their split is actually going to materialize.

Here's what happened: Olivia managed to convince Fitz to appear at Mellie's swearing in ceremony, even though he definitely didn't want to go, and he took the opportunity to let her know he will be filing for divorce. Um, happy first day as a senator, right? I can't blame Fitz for wanting a divorce — he and Mellie haven't been happy together for years, and from his perspective, Mellie's involvement in the jury murders doesn't look good. But will it happen? The Scandal writers aren't exactly in the business of giving us tidy little endings like that.

The fact is, it would be way too easy for Fitz to simply get a divorce and ride off into the sunset with Olivia Pope, wearing matching white hats, and that's why I doubt it will happen.

If it does, though? That leaves the potential for so many interesting storylines. I'd love to see how Fitz's America reacts to his divorce, and what happens to Mellie as a single lady. And, as much as I hate to admit it, it would be interesting to see if Fitz and Olivia could actually make a relationship work when there are no excuses, no easy ways out.

The more I think about it, the more a single Mellie would definitely kick ass. I'm here for it!

Image: Nicole Wilder/ABC, Giphy