Anne Hathaway Almost Starred In 'The Parent Trap'

It's no secret that Anne Hathaway goes hard when it comes to her performances. This is, after all, an actress who "Dreamed a Dream" her way to an Oscar and sparred with Meryl Streep in The Devil Wears Prada: the woman knows what she's doing. So to hear that she could try out for a role and somehow not get the part? It just doesn't seem possible — and yet that's exactly what happened when Hathaway auditioned for The Parent Trap , among other movies made by Nancy Meyers, the director of her current film, The Intern.

When I spoke with Hathaway, she told me that she auditioned for two other Meyers movies before landing the role of Jules in The Intern, out Sept. 25. When I brought up the subject to the director herself, she explained that there's a good reason Hathaway wasn't cast in those parts — but maybe it's time the actress stop telling everyone she was rejected by Nancy Meyers. Here's hoping those two work it out before The Intern 2 hits theaters.

Elsewhere in the interview, Meyers discusses her leap from rom-coms to friendship, her characters' age difference, and why she didn't want to make yet another movie about women's guilt (although if you ask Hathaway, she should probably feel a bit more of that herself).