Yup, People Are Lining Up For The iPhone 6S

The day is finally here, and the iPhone 6S and 6S Plus have officially launched. But you and so many others already knew that judging by these photos of iPhone 6S lines. Around the world, people have camped outside brick-and-mortar Apple stores in the hopes of nabbing the coveted phones, and chances are people are angling to get their hands on the new rose gold edition.

If you were one of the preemptive types, you preordered your new iPhones eons ago, but already some customers have reported receiving notifications that their shipments could be delayed. So, lining up hours (or even days) before the official launch date could mean guaranteeing your hands will be holding your very own iPhone the day they come out. And to be honest, some probably enjoy being part of all the news-making excitement.

Just take a look at these brave folks (and one robot) who made it their mission to be one of the few who walks into an Apple store and walks out with a new iPhone 6S. I'm looking at them in disbelief, but to be honest, as I look at my lonely 6 model with no S in sight, maybe I'm sitting on the wrong side of things.

Cole Bennetts/Getty Images News/Getty Images