Selena Gomez Decodes Movie Titles Written In Emoji

While her latest movie won't leave you unable to sleep at night, Selena Gomez's new flick Hotel Transylvania 2 does have some spooky elements to it. There are vampires, zombies, werewolves, and plenty of humans who could easily come under their attack — you know, if the vampires, zombies, and werewolves didn't happen to all be pretty nice and, quite literally, accommodating (they do work in a hotel, after all). Even though the movie is appropriate for the entire family — seriously, kids will laugh out loud and adults will be drawn in by the cuteness — when I sat down with Gomez to talk about the film, I decided to hone in on the scary movie aspects of both Hotel Transylvania and its new sequel, and ask Gomez to decode some classic horror movie titles that were written out in emoji — and she totally killed it.

In the film, Gomez plays Mavis, a vampire who is mother to a 4-year-old half-human named Dennis (Asher Blinkoff). This is quite a change from the 2012 original in which Mavis was just starting to fall in love with her human now-husband, Jonathan (Andy Samberg), and at odds over their relationship with her father, Dracula (Adam Sandler).

Well, I guess playing Dracula's daughter really got the scary movie spirit in her, because Gomez did a great job with the game. It's true that some of the titles were easier than others (see: The Ring — only one emoji needed!), but the 23-year-old really knew her stuff, even though, as she claimed at the start, "I'm so bad at emojis." Yeah, sure, Selena. I've seen your Instagram.

Watch the video below to see the "Same Old Love" singer tackle emoji movie titles and play along to see how you do yourself.

Hotel Transylvania 2 hits theaters nationwide Friday, Sept. 25.