Beyonce, Drake, & Timberlake: Taking New Year's Resolutions from 2013's Best Songs

2013: what a goddamn great year for music. We now live in a Post- Beyoncé world, after all. I made a list of the best songs of the year. I just had to! There were so many bests! And speaking of lists, the one end-of-year tradition I do begrudgingly take part in is making New Year's Resolutions, because apparently I enjoy setting myself up for failure. This year I mined all my favorite songs for inspiration on how to better myself, which I probably won't do. (But at least I'll have a good soundtrack.)

Katy Perry—"Roar" from "Prism"

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The best line: “I got the eye of the tiger, a fighter, dancing through the fire/ ‘Cause I am a champion and you’re gonna hear me roar.”

The resolution: Give yourself a voice! Stop being a doormat! Don’t let fear render you passive and give up your agency, especially with men!

Alternately: USE YOUR OUTSIDE VOICE, EVEN INSIDE. Quit mumbling.

Vampire Weekend—"Hannah Hunt" from "Modern Vampires of the City"

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The best line: “A gardener told me some plants move/ But I could not believe it/ Til me and Hannah Hunt/ Saw crawling vines and weeping willows.”

The resolution: Have a little faith. Stop being so skeptical and cynical.

Alternately: Don’t be such a dick to optimists, like the gardener.

Janelle Monae— "Queen" from "The Electric Lady"

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The best line: Am I a freak for getting down?/ I’m cutting up, don’t cut me down/ Yeah I wanna be, wanna be Queen.”

The resolution: Tune out the noise of those who say ladies should be demure and soft-spoken.

Alternately: Miss Erykah Badu tells us in the interlude that you gotta testify because the booty don’t lie, so I also resolve to keep my butt honest.

James Blake—"Retrograde"

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The best line: “Be the girl you loved/ I’ll wait, so show me while you’re strong/ Ignore everybody else/ We’re alone now.”

The resolution: Let a person in once in a while. If you’re always so guarded, you’ll never get close to anyone.

Alternately: Learn to time travel like Blake because he’s obviously a Gregorian monk.

Arcade Fire—"Reflektor" from "Reflektor"

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The best line: “We fell in love, alone on a stage/ in a reflective age.”

The resolution: Try and get my ass off my iPhone and make real connections with people (get alone on the stage with someone, if you will).

Alternately: Live in this disco wonderland that Arcade Fire apparently lives in now!

Justin Timberlake—"Mirrors" from "The 20/20 Experience (Part 1)"

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The best line: “You were right here all along/ It’s like you’re my mirror, my mirror staring back at me.”

The resolution: Don’t be blind to the good I’ve got in front of me.

Alternately: Obviously this song is about JT talking to himself about how great he is, but I’m trying to find that good in others.

MIA—"Come Walk with Me" from "Matangi"

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The best line: “There’s a thousand ways to make it count.”

The resolution: Try to be untouchable. Not in a cocky way, but get a thicker skin, you know? Fall down seven times, stand up eight. There’s always a way to make meaning for yourself.

Alternately: Start using the word “fux” more often.

Kanye West—"New Slaves" from "Yeezus"

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The best line: “You see there’s leaders and there’s followers/ but I’d rather be a dick than a swallower.”

The resolution: Be an innovator even when a ton of people call you crazy for it.

Alternately: Do not use phallic language for aforementioned innovation. AND/OR: wear my heart on my sleeve, especially in terms of putting my art out in the world. I learn a lot from Yeezus.

Daft Punk feat. Pharell—"Lose Yourself to Dance" from "Random Access Memories"

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The best line: “I know you don’t get a chance to take a break this often/ I know your life is speeding and it isn’t stopping.”

The resolution: Make a little time to literally lose yourself to something that just feels good every once in awhile, whether it be dancing or cheeseburgers. You earned it.

Alternately: WIPE MY SWEAT WITH PHARRELL’S SHIRT. Seriously, is he just at a club somewhere taking them off?

Drake—"Hold On, We're Going Home" from "Nothing Was the Same"

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The best line: The eponymous one: “Just hold on, we’re going home/ It’s hard to do these things alone.”

The resolution: Find someone and love ‘em and quit being such a cynical bitch about love. Life is hard and cold and it’s easier when you love and are loved. I don’t know, man. Drake makes me tender.

Alternately: Learn how to do that breathy thing Majid does on this track. And don’t be as sad as Drake.

"Beyonce"—"***Flawless" from "Beyoncé"

The best line: (every line Bey writes is the best, but my favorite:) “I woke up like this/ We flawless ladies, tell ‘em.”

The resolution: Tell them! Accept, own and assert yourself. Confidence is everything, especially for WOC.

Alternately: Just Bey all I can Bey. Try to emulate Beyoncé (the woman) and “Beyoncé” (the album) every second of every day.