How To Safely Wash Your Favorite Winter Jacket

When you've found the perfect winter jacket that's the right mix of chic and super warm, you're bound to wear it all the time. The only downside is that your jacket is going to get dirty, so learning how to wash winter jackets is crucial to not ruining yours! Every fabric requires slightly different care, so make sure you're giving your jacket exactly what it needs to stay sparkling clean this season.

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Whether your jacket is stuffed with down, a sturdy hard shell, a sleek, water-resistant soft shell, or made of ultra luxurious wool and cashmere, there's a proper way to clean each one after an extra long day romping around in the cold. Make sure you know exactly how to care for your specific jacket because heaven forbid you accidentally ruin it out of ignorance mid-season!

Scroll below to learn exactly what to do to keep your specific jacket type looking its best.

Down Jacket

Down Puffer Coat, $100, Calvin Klein

According to Mountain Warehouse, using a washer and dryer is the way to go for cleaning down jackets. They advise turning the jacket inside out before washing, using a detergent specific to down or outerwear, and setting the washing machine to a cold or delicate cycle.

When ready to dry, tumble over low heat. Toss a few tennis balls in the dryer, too, to prevent the down from clumping. Voila!

Hard Shell Jacket

Rubicon Rider, $165, Patagonia

When it comes to cleaning hard shell jackets, washing is essential to ensure the jacket keeps working like new. The Cleanest line advises washing gently with a mild detergent, and tossing it in the dryer set at medium heat to dry. Medium heat is necessary here, as it reactivates the water-repellant properties of the shell!

Soft Shell Jacket

Apex Jacket, $199, NorthFace

Cleaning a soft shell is almost identical to hard, except you want to make sure you use a sports detergent to avoid ruining the jacket's breathability and waterproof properties.


Basingstoke, $1,495, Burberry

For cleaning wool jackets, you can try to wash it at home, but I still recommend dry cleaning on this one. These jackets are too easily to structurally mess up for me to want to take the risk!

Image: Vanni Bassetti/Getty Images