14 #PopeDogs That Will Bless Your Weekend

Pope Francis is officially on U.S. soil and, naturally, people are excited. And by people, I obviously also mean pupples. As in canines. I'm talking about #PopeDogs, aka dogs dressed as the Pope, you guys. Because nothing is quite as notable a celebration as pooches dressed up like high-ranking officials of the clergy.

In honor of the Pope's three-stop North American trip, the dogs of Instagram are rolling out the proverbial red carpet — or, as it were, the mitres and robes. While the pontiff makes the rounds in Washington D.C., New York City, and Philadelphia, papal pups are popping up all over our newsfeeds dressed in ceremonial garb and posing for pictures with the people in the ultimate showing of puppy popery. Like Pope Francis, these holy hounds are being met with a mix of awe and reverence (and rightly so), but perhaps none are so pleased with the doggie displays of papacy than the pups themselves. I mean, c'mon, look at those faces. They know they're kind of a big deal.

So, just when you thought your Friday couldn't be more blessed, I bring you 14 of these precious little barking bishops.

1. Paws be with you, my child.

Please also note the Day of the Dead dog on this dude's t-shirt. He has his holy bases covered.

2. All hail Pope Pumpernickel.

As papal costumes go, this one's definitely a wiener.

3. Is that what you call a Bichop Frise?

We may have just discovered a new breed.

4. This gives new meaning to the Holy Trinity.

In the words of Willa Cather, "Where there is great love, there is always Philly Jesus." Close enough?

5. Sir Mack makes that mitre next level.

Seriously, though. This pup is supercaliswagilisticexpialipopus.

6. This puppy pontiff is ready for her close-up.

Let us bow our heads and give thanks for toy dogs dressed in papal drag.

7. It ain't easy bein' like Jeesy.

This puppy pope looks almost too pooped to party.

8. Pup Pawus XV will see you now.

I suddenly have an overwhelming urge to make a confession.

9. This pup was a pope before it was trendy.

Can we just call this now? This may be the #TBT to end all #TBTs.

10. Pupal blessings for everyone!

This venerable, four-legged vicegerent is happy to bestow grace upon us all.

11. Henceforth, we shall call this pup Pontifex Maximus.

Pontifex Maximus is so photogenic I'm pretty sure it is part of some divine prophecy.

12. Yorkies have a unique breed of papal appeal.

I mean, right? If ever a puppy looked papal, it is this one.

13. Just soaking up some Vitamin G-O-D.

Moments like this really give me paws.

14. To dog be the glory.

I think he wants us to recite the Dogxology. #TDIF, eh?

Images: fidosense, pumpernickelplus2, tjmoir, oliverthelovepug, mackthebullydog, bentournesol, lizdaunoy, colincissne, turbotheflyingdog, ifimamermaid, jacopo982, grayson_the_yorkie, foxylauralou, omar010580/Instagram