Can You Wear Sneakers In The Snow Safely?

When you're stuck in the snow for months on end, it can start to be a drag putting on layers of socks followed by heavy snow boots every single day. Your favorite tennis shoes might be calling your name, but can you wear sneakers in the snow without slipping and falling? Well, yes and no is the answer my friends.

Daily Mail spoke with outdoor specialist Gary Mason who advises against just wearing any old pair of sneakers in the snow. He said, "I’m amazed there are still ­people out walking in trainers in this weather. Just because [sneakers] give you good grip on a [tennis] court or pavement, they are not going to do the same on snow and ice." Mason advises investing in a quality pair of snow boots instead.

What Mason didn't consider with his ardent "no," however, are waterproof snow sneakers. Complex agrees. Speaking on behalf of sneakerheads, the magazine suggests you choose sneakers that are snow-friendly. Otherwise, your favorite pair of Stan Smiths or Converse All-Stars will totally be ruined. You can count on that.

Half snow boot and half tennis shoe, waterproof snow sneakers are the perfect option when you are just so over putting on snow boots yet again. I personally own a pair of L.L. Bean waterproof snow sneakers for running when the snow is especially heavy. Though the weight of the trail shoe definitely turns my run into more of a jog, waterproof snow sneakers are still a better option than snow boots for wanting to do anything more than walking. Also, I strongly believe they're worth the cost!

Below are a few great options for those of you who become beyond over snow boots.

1. L.L. Bean Waterproof Snow Sneakers

Waterproof Snow Sneaker, $90, L.L. Bean

These are the ones I have. Love, love, love.

2. Salewa Snow Trainer

Snow Trainer, $170, Salewa

Gore-tex insulated with tons of grip for ice and snow!

3. Salomon Speedcross

Speedcross Pro, $105, Salomon

The lightest weight option I'd recommend, these have enough grip to keep you safe over roads with a kiss of snow.

Image Credit: Garrett C/Flickr