The 7 Warmest Socks For Winter Will Keep Your Toes From Freezing Off


You could have on the coziest waterproof winter jacket, dreamy snow boots, and amazing earmuffs, but if you don't invest in the warmest socks for winter, you're going to freeze! Standard tennis shoe socks are not sufficient for winter days my friends. Learn from my mistakes and get the right socks to keep your toes nice and toasty all season long.

For the warmest socks, look for fabrics like wool and cashmere, which are thicker and trap heat to keep your feet toasty during cold weather. If you know you'll encounter some snow or slush, consider opting for a pair that's moisture-wicking, like one made of Merino wool, so they can dry fast even if your shoes soak through.

Since you'll probably be decked out in a great pair of winter boots, you might want to look for high-rise socks that can trap additional heat around your calves to keep your entire leg warm. And, as with any clothing purchase, don't forget to think about your personal style and budget before deciding on a classic black pair or a multi-pack of printed socks. Just because they're designed to be warm, doesn't mean your winter socks can't look cute and be great for other seasons, as well.

To help you with your search, I've weeded through the options and can say these, below, are the warmest socks for winter. Your feet will thank you.

1. Warrior Alpaca Wool Socks


Warrior Alpaca Wool Socks, $30, Amazon

While $30 may seem like a lot to spend on a single pair of socks, these are a fantastic buy if you've tried every type of supposedly warm sock to no relief. Made with a cozy and warm Alpaca wool, these popular winter socks are a great pick if your toes get chilly. Not only are they lightweight enough to fit underneath nearly any pair of winter boots, but they are designed with a comfort cuff at the top that will hold them in place so they don't slip down in your winter boots. They're even machine-washable, which will come in clutch if you need to wash them after a sudden snowstorm soaks through your shoes.

What fans say: "I bought these for my wife as she always has cold feet in the house. We live in the north east and it gets down to single digits and teens a good number of days during the winter. I've now bought 3 pairs for her and they actually keep her feet warm when nothing else would. She likes them better than merino wool, smart wool and any other winter sock we've tried. They are really soft and ultra comfortable."

  • Available in sizes: Small, Medium, and Large

2. Senker Women's Warm Wool Winter Socks


Senker Women's Warm Wool Winter Socks (5-Pack), $18, Amazon

For a more affordable pair of winter socks, this five-pack of wool socks is a great buy that's won over thousands of Amazon fans. Made with a wool blend, these have spandex in them as well to help them stay up throughout the day. While these are a great deal, they're definitely not as thick as the $30 pair above. However, considering they come at a fraction of the price, they're a good investment if you know you'll need a few pairs to wear this winter. Even better, they come in 21 different color options, including prints and cable-knit designs. One note? These are one size only, so keep this in mind when shopping.

What fans say: "These are great socks. My daughter bought me a pack for Christmas and I liked them so well I bought another pack myself. They are warm, soft, and perfect for winter weather."

  • Available in sizes: One Size Only (Women's sizes 5-9)

3. Smartwool Snowflake Crew Socks


Smartwool Snowflake Crew Socks, $25, Amazon

Primarily designed with moisture-wicking Merino wool, these warm socks are perfect for anyone looking to exercise in the colder months. These are woven together with textured knitting so they'll last you years — just one reason these are a bit more expensive than others. They're also designed with extra cushioning on the bottom to keep your feet feeling comfortable even if you're on the go all day. Best of all, their fabric is thermo-regulating, so this pair will wear well throughout the rest of the year, as well.

What fans say: "These are the most perfect winter socks, the end. I buy two pairs every winter. They last for a few years of constant wear. I wash them and dry them in the dryer - no special treatment at all, and they still fit perfectly. If in doubt, size up. These socks are a warm, cozy treat."

  • Available in sizes: Small, Medium, and Large

4. Jarseen Fleece-Lined Warm Winter Socks


Jarseen Fleece-Lined Warm Winter Socks, $12, Amazon

These fleece-lined winter socks are out to redefine the word cozy. Made from a cotton and spandex blend that prevents them from sliding down, this pair is great for outdoor wear, but reviewers especially love them for winter days spent indoors. These socks are dsigned with non-slip silicone grippers on the bottom so you can wear them indoors without sliding on hardwood floors. And, because the entire sock (not just the top) is lined with fleece, they're exceptionally warm.

What fans say: "These socks are amazing. The fleece runs all [throughout] the inside of the socks. They have the non skid bumps on the bottom. Super warm, soft and comfortable."

  • Available in sizes: Women's sizes 6-13

5. iMongolia Pure Cashmere Thick Women's Socks


iMongolia Pure Cashmere Thick Women's Socks, $12, Amazon

This must be one of the best deals on Amazon right now. For just $12, these 97% cashmere socks are as soft and high-quality as you'd expect. With a tiny amount of spandex, this pair will hug your feet to trap all of your body heat in and keep your feet as warm as can be. They come in a bunch of colors, and are even seamless to prevent any blisters from forming on your feet. One note: These are one size only, so they're best for those with feet that fall between U.S. sizes 5 and 10.

What fans say: "I had my doubts about ordering these because of the price. I was looking around for cashmere socks and good ones run $30-$50. So I took a chance and am glad I did. What a pleasant surprise. I ordered the crew length. They are very soft and tightly woven and WARM!!! So happy with these socks and highly recommend."

  • Available in sizes: One Size Only (U.S. sizes 5-10)

6. Carhartt Women's Extreme Cold Weather Boot Sock


Carhartt Women's Extreme Cold Weather Boot Sock, $12, Amazon

These popular boot socks are made of a warm wool-blend that's moisture-wicking and machine-washable. They also have padded cushioning underneath the bridge so you'll feel like you're walking on a cloud. Mesh vents strategically placed in the design allow for airflow if your feet tend to sweat. And, because these come in five different neutral colors and a wide range of sizes, you'll be able to pick out a perfect pair for you.

What fans say: "Ultimate winter sock. These are some super thick, super soft, comfortable and warm socks. The king of all socks. I liked them as soon as I put them on. They are great for cold weather. Because they are so thick they may not fit into all of your shoes. Very good quality and warm sock."

  • Available in sizes: Women's sizes 4-12

7. Yoicy Women's Super Thick Wool Socks


Yoicy Women's Super Thick Wool Socks (5-Pack), $16, Amazon

These lined wool socks are perfect for wintertime and come at a super inexpensive price. Designed with a wool-polyester-spandex blend, these socks will be durable, machine-washable, and most importantly warm. This five-pack comes with five different printed designs, but you can also get these socks in solid black, gray, or a mix of solid colors if that's more your style. And, while they might look like standard wool socks initially, these are lined with fluffy wool inside, so they will feel like a dream and keep your feet warm all day long.

What fans say: "The best socks for winter! These socks are great. I’m ordering another set right now. They are super warm and soft. I love them."

  • Available in sizes: One Size Only (Women's sizes 5-9)

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