Caitlyn Jenner Is Now Officially "Caitlyn"

Friday marks an important day to celebrate for Caitlyn Jenner. According to TMZ, Caitlyn Jenner's name and gender change was approved by the Los Angeles County Superior Court. This means Jenner is legally recognized not only by the name Caitlyn Marie Jenner, but also as a female. This is definitely a celebratory day and I'm sure Jenner is beyond thrilled with the court's decision. According to TMZ, Jenner not in court, but her attorneys were. It was said to be a brief hearing.

On Sept. 15, Jenner filed a petition to legally change her name and gender. Per court documents, her reasoning for the name change was "to better match [her] identity." In addition to these two requests, the I Am Cait star filed a motion to seal part of the petition as a way to protect her privacy. Jenner's lawyer John Kreiger said in the filing, "California lawmakers recently acknowledged the heightened need for protecting the change. The public nature of the name and gender change process exposes transgender individuals to potential discrimination, harassment or even violence because of being transgender."

During the I Am Cait Season 1 finale, the 65-year-old held a renaming ceremony, led by transgender pastor Allyson Dylan Robinson. At the end of the ceremony, Robinson, said, "We, your friends and family — your community — do indeed affirm that you are Caitlyn Marie Jenner, from this day forward. Bear this name in the Name of Christ. Share it in the name of Mercy. Offer it in the name of Justice and in the name of Love."

There's no doubt she'll do just that.