7 Best Ways To Use The Crazy Eye Lens On Snapchat

If there is one thing a millennial like myself needs to be able to do, it’s learning the best way to use the crazy eyes lens on Snapchat. Without mastering this skill, you are worthless. At least according to the interwebs which, let’s face it, is the only place that truly matters. For those of you who don’t know about this new app feature, a lovely writer has created a Snapchat update guide that is both easy to follow and easy to admire. Don’t say I never did anything for you.

As someone who used to own a webcam and a personal Youtube channel, I remember a similar animation feature on my Dell computer. It would track my face and then insert weird objects over the image (crowns, hearts, flying birds). Endless hours of fun would ensure. I’m glad to see Snapchat embracing this feature because in all honesty, I was getting pretty tired of my friends faces and their food.

The following pictures in this post are examples of what you are missing out on by not updating your Snapchat app and getting the lens feature on your phone. In my case, it was showcasing a pale face, knotted hair and bad lighting at 8 A.M. to all my friends AND THE INTERNET. Now you too can scare the crap out of your mother by sending her a weird animated selfie. Don’t forget to caption it with something clever, otherwise people will think you are not self-aware.

1. The Tester

The tester is a rite of passage. Kind of like throwing up after binge drinking or returning an online purchase to Forever 21 because it doesn't cover your cooter. This picture will not be pretty, it will make you look like you have no neck and you might regret posting it online.

2. The Food Brag

I don't make food for sustenance as much as I do to prove that I can make food. This morning my eggs looked boring so I made my friends look at a picture of me holding them with my new favorite lens. My regret level has risen to a 34.7 percent — Level Orange.

3. The Artist

I had a brilliant idea of making my snap look like I was INSIDE the David Hockney Pearblosson Hwy reproduction poster. Turns out, that is much more difficult to execute than I previously assumed. Do me a favor: squint your eyes and pretend I'm brilliant. This will make both of us much happier and help me save face.

4. The Relatable One

Hey there. This snap is showing you how hip and cool I am. Do you see the Friends poster behind me? No? That's because it's the actual poster that hangs in the background of Friends.

5. The What Are You Doing

This is not the first or last time my roommate will wonder what I am doing so early in the morning.

6. The Daily Grind

Ugh, grocery shopping, am I right?! Also, can anyone tell me why I keep sticking my tongue out? The snap instructions say to lift my eyebrows but my body says stick out your tongue.

7. The Favorite

I have a soft spot for gross pictures with numerical writing on it. Double chin, bad angle, messed up hair and squiggles. You have officially traveled inside of my brain and came out a new person. Amen.

Images: Dasha Fayvinova/Snapchat