8 Ways To Style Miniskirts For The Colder Months

Thinking about ditching your miniskirts this fall? Don't! There are several ways that you can ways you can wear a miniskirt without freezing your butt off in the colder months. It's all about how you style the look. When it comes to wearing a shorter hemline, you need to think about what you're wearing on top, aka what is really going to be keeping you warm. Miniskirts pair well with chunky sweaters and oversize coats. The juxtaposition of a heavier knit with a shorter bottom looks absolutely sensational. There is no reason not to show off your legs this fall.

Even if you're looking to keep your legs warm as temps drop, it's no reason to ditch your leg-baring pieces. Miniskirts pair well with tights, leggings, and knee-high socks. Who needs full-length pants when you can wear a fabulous skirt? Carry your shorter skirts into the colder months by styling them appropriately for the weather. There is no reason to tuck your skirts away just yet — you need to think about layering your clothes as opposed to storing them away. Here are a few of my favorite ways to style miniskirts during the fall season.

1. Quirky With A Bit Of An Edge

I love this style for its combination of textures and patterns. This style definitely has a cool girl edge without committing to any traditional sense of style.

2. Fall In Style

Chunky knits and leather skirts? I couldn't think of any better way to welcome in the colder weather.

3. Edgy Boho

This look is great for those who want to be stylish while remaining comfortable. The trendy colors pair well with the comfortable textures of the clothing.

4. Sexy Chic

Calling all fashionistas! This look is definitely for you. Rock this Instagram-worthy outfit to show off your most stylish self.

5. Fall AF

Plaid, burgundy, and boots, oh my! This look just screams fall.

6. Suede Head To Toe

Keep your textures in line this fall by wearing head-to-toe suede. This look is great for those who want to rock shorter hemlines while still looking super fashionable.

7. City Chic

Do you own a penthouse? Because you'll look like you own a penthouse in this outfit.

8. Tonal Mixture

Can we just stop to appreciate this look? I'm obsessed with this green skirt paired with the striped sweater.

So keep those shorter skirts out just a bit longer, ladies! They'll look perfect this fall.

Images: kichigin19/Fotolia; emily-mcclure/Polyvore